Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hibernation? I think not!

My posts have been infrequent lately - sorry!
This means that I am busy. YAY!

Just a little update on what I has been going on in the world of That Vintage...

- West End, Brisbane.

Lovely creation by Michelle (PedroSprout) and this is truly going to be a beautiful home for all those gorgeous eco-savvy creations and handmade delights. That Vintage is making its mark in West End and hoping to service the shopping desires of the Queenslanders! Check out Michelle's blog about the evolution of Nook -

The Local Shop
- Northcote, Melbourne.

Gale stumbled across That Vintage on - works wonders as this is now my 4th home for That Vintage that has eventuated from Etsy - all hail Etsy!! At The Local Shop, you won't find bread and milk... you'll find much much much more delightful bits and pieces! This is rather exciting news as The Local Shop is definitely one for the sensory experience! Below photo credits to Rabbit and the Duck be sure to check out their blog -

I am looking forward to my holiday week in the first week of August up in Townsville, catching up with friends and family. I hope that I can actually NOT do anything on the days up there and just zone out! I find that so hard! I almost have to be busy doing something on my days off. Plans are to go for plenty of walks, snorkling, adventures to Magnetic Island, wining and dining (of course) and a little bit of shopping - can't wait!

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edward and lilly said...

So cool to hear That Vintage will be stocked at nook!