Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Classics Never Date

After selling my wares for over a year now (yeah, sounds like a small time period, where so much has happened!) I have worked out which of my earrings have been the most popular, the ones that people will ALWAYS buy as a first choice... *cue drumroll*

Classic black and white, eye catching pattern - to go with just about anything, blonde or brunette, young or old, conservative or alternative - these have been the winning pair!

I am hoping that the success of the creeping leafy vine print will now weave its magic onto my new engraved pendant... *hint hint*

Leafy Vine Pendant

I wore this one around town a couple days ago, I sure got some looks and comments... I hope that is positive!

New... You're So New.

Finally... I have managed to find some time to photograph the newest creations and list them on Etsy. Yay for time! Oh yay, I wish I had more of it!

I have so many ideas stewing in my brain at the moment, I know you are probably thinking - "well get off your laptop and grab your paper and pen and start drawing and designing!" - true. True. VERY TRUE. Okay. That is what I shall do right after I hit POST!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Teach Me To Be Fantastic, Beth

Bethtastic... a fellow Etsy seller whom I often see and chat to in the Etsy chatrooms, is a teacher but also a creative cat (come on, her Etsy name oozes wit!) with jewellery that makes my eyes tingle with delight!

Hot Air Ballooning Resin Pendant by bethtastic

The hot air balloons are whimsically gorgeous, and something that I have been drawn to before - perhaps one day I should book a wee flight around the blue skies in a multicoloured hot air balloon?

Sparrows, Clouds, Soft Yellow Sunset Resin Bangle by bethtastic

Birds, birds, birds. One of my greatest loves, I could spend hours with my binoculars - gazing out into our bushland backyard... I particularly adore bird silhouettes and those in full flight.

Drink Me Alice In Wonderland Resin Necklace by bethtastic

Bethtastic's work is full of storybook love.

I have a soft spot for anything resin.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Little Petal

I love the fresh designers on Etsy. The clothing always makes me ooh and ahh and wish that I had spare dollars lying around so that I could purchase such beauties!

At the moment I am going through a massive skirt phase. I have learnt (from trial and error and one-way fights with the mirror) that my body shape doesn't suit skinny leg jeans whatsoever, yet I love a decent boot for winter and prefer to show off the boot, than hide it beneath bootcut jeans... so I have compromised... skirts it is! In particular those that sit a fraction higher on the waist, and subtly balloon out.

My particular favourite:

Petal Skirt by neneee

I adore the seafoam colour, the fabric in which nenee has used and the over all design concept - so cute! I also am quite in love with the little leopard print cardigan that she is paired with the skirt.. purr...!

Teaming a skirt up with boots is pretty much fool-proof. The art of pulling it all together is not to over do it. A busy skirt with loads of pattern and colour, does not require a really chunky in-your-face boot - ew, too much for the fashion brain to comprehend! I like my boots to be chunky with some studding, fringe or lace up - I don't opt for the skin-tight boot, I prefer them to slouch and look loved!

Powder Grey Petal Skirt by hierapparel

Pewter Petal Skirt by hierapparel

Dreamy Peacock Blanket

A movie that I use to watch quite often when I was a little girl was "A Little Princess." When I think of this movie, I think of turning dark and scary situations into a dream-like existence of sunshine, jiffy slippers, mountains of fruit and glorious songs.

I absolutely love the moment in the movie where the girls unveil the happiest of delights - the gifts from the man with that cheeky, yet mighty cute monkey.
In the thick of winter, I want nothing more than to be on a grassy bank, with a blanket made of peacock feathers wrapped around me, basking the rare rays of sun.

Peacock feathers by BigBoyTumbleweed

Peacock feathers by PrettyPlume

Peacock coloured yarn by portfiber

Cotton Addict

Yes, I admit it. I am addicted.
I just purchased this gorgeous piece...

orange cotton necklace with black and silver clay beads by mozui

It's going to look darling with my grey tunic and black tights. Ah, why is fashion, trends and personal style such a hot topic in my mind at the moment? Maybe it is a bit deeper than that, perhaps I am going through a period where I want to express myself more so than ever. Go figure!

Mozui's Etsy store is fantastic, check out these other beaut pieces.

I hope that you are all addicted now too..!

Saturday, June 13, 2009


I have had a super flat day today so I decided to do some online shopping and treat myself - after all I have worked 3 extra shifts this week at my bread and butter job, so it's only fair hey!

I opened up Etsy and found this awesome grey tree stump skirt on the front page - I had to have it. SOLD!

Woodgrain Skirt by angeldamico

It is going to look so awesome with my new leather jacket from work.

Got to love staff discounts, I would have never been able to justify it otherwise!

Gee, I have been naughty and spoiling myself alot lately! I guess that is what happens when you have no rent to pay, mortgage to pay, bills to pay... I feel like I'm apart of Peter Pan's crew - should probably grow up, although Never Never Land is rather stress free!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Etsy Update - New Earrings

My tum tum is full of roast dinner.
My mind is full of recipes for tomorrow - no special occasion, just want to get in the kitchen and cook up a storm or three.
My heart is not full - woe is me!
My ear drums are being tickled by the new album from The Bird & The Bee - oh how I love "Love Letter To Japan" ..!
My Etsy store was crying out for new items... so the short of it all is that I added four new pairs of earrings... and here we are!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Wacky Way To Care

I am always on the prowl. And don't you all know it! I constantly want to see new cool things that make me go - "oh what?! that is awesome!" and I thank Etsy for opening my eyes to some of the coolest designers around the globe.

Looking outside at the rain smacking itself on the concrete and thinking just how much damage it would do if the rain were a sharp object, I began to wonder what could protect all my expensive gadgets from such damage, obviously in a more exciting way. (Think about it, wrapping every iPod and mobile phone in bubblewrap... I don't think so!)

Then I found TooToo on Etsy. Michelle's shop is kickin' it ultra wacky cool... like kool-aid cool. Haha, um did we ever get kool-aid in Australia??

These are my two top picks from TooToo:

Curled Fingers Around Pencils

I often wake up early on my days off (this morning it was 6:30am) - I don't have a clue as to what a sleep-in is! I don't eat breakfast straight away, instead I like to spark my creative side of the brain into 1st gear by letting my eyes and fingers wander around on Etsy.

This morning, I searched under illustrations (art) the words "girl pencil" and these are my three favourites that resulted in that search... ahh! I want to draw now!

"Flutter" by florriemitton
print $19.00US

"Girl With Red Hair" by MultiplePersonality
print $22.00US

"Garland Girl" by LauraRosenbaum
print $20.00US

"Flutter" makes me think of a fashion shoot that I remember seeing on Fashion TV (Austar) ages ago... it was all Moulin Rouge-esque and there were lots of feathers. I am a sucker for bone structure in faces.

"Girl With Red Hair" ...ah how clever is the flow of that beautiful washed out crimson hue.

"Garland Girl" has so much detail, it makes me giddy - but that is what I love about it!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zip It, Frenchy!

Now, I am a sucker for anything quirky.

And with my "bread & butter job" at Just Jeans, I have to do up 100's of flies every day... (jeans that don't have bodies in them, trust me!) I am constantly surrounded by zips. Only two styles of jeans in our store have button flies - they are rare these days! So zips it is. Zip, zip, ZIPPITY zip.

Check out Londi - a lovely ex-pat American who now resides in France... (lucky her.) Londi's creations are totally chic and ultra quirky... I think I may have to invest in a piece! Oooh La La!