Monday, June 15, 2009

Teach Me To Be Fantastic, Beth

Bethtastic... a fellow Etsy seller whom I often see and chat to in the Etsy chatrooms, is a teacher but also a creative cat (come on, her Etsy name oozes wit!) with jewellery that makes my eyes tingle with delight!

Hot Air Ballooning Resin Pendant by bethtastic

The hot air balloons are whimsically gorgeous, and something that I have been drawn to before - perhaps one day I should book a wee flight around the blue skies in a multicoloured hot air balloon?

Sparrows, Clouds, Soft Yellow Sunset Resin Bangle by bethtastic

Birds, birds, birds. One of my greatest loves, I could spend hours with my binoculars - gazing out into our bushland backyard... I particularly adore bird silhouettes and those in full flight.

Drink Me Alice In Wonderland Resin Necklace by bethtastic

Bethtastic's work is full of storybook love.

I have a soft spot for anything resin.


beth said...

oh my goodness, sophie! thank you so much for the kind words, you truly made my day, week month. your blog is so neat and clean. must. rest. urge. to. copy. :)

muchlove said...

so gorgeous! I love the alice in wonderland necklace.

red bamboo said...

The 'Alice' necklace is really interesting - such clever people out there!

BirdWatching Designs said...

I want her necklace with the robin's nest on it. Oh my. hehe.