Thursday, June 4, 2009

Etsy Update - New Earrings

My tum tum is full of roast dinner.
My mind is full of recipes for tomorrow - no special occasion, just want to get in the kitchen and cook up a storm or three.
My heart is not full - woe is me!
My ear drums are being tickled by the new album from The Bird & The Bee - oh how I love "Love Letter To Japan" ..!
My Etsy store was crying out for new items... so the short of it all is that I added four new pairs of earrings... and here we are!


gemma @ loz and dinny said...

love those parasol earrings ... did you work through the cryptic links over at mine and become a Brown Owl??

Sophie said...

I did work out the cryptic links and had a quick looksie, but then my laptop decided it was time to go into: "I'm going to drive Sophie nuts by being really slow" mode... I shall have a better look right now!!

red bamboo said...

Love the Parasol ones too! Might need to buy some more earrings soon. Bit tired of my poor old sleepers!