Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New... You're So New.

Finally... I have managed to find some time to photograph the newest creations and list them on Etsy. Yay for time! Oh yay, I wish I had more of it!

I have so many ideas stewing in my brain at the moment, I know you are probably thinking - "well get off your laptop and grab your paper and pen and start drawing and designing!" - true. True. VERY TRUE. Okay. That is what I shall do right after I hit POST!


nadiiaevans said...

Beautiful and classy!

Jessica Marie said...

i love these new earrings.. so beautiful!

so glad you found me on etsy! thank you for the kind comment abou tmy layout :D

hope you're having a great night!

Unknown said...

LOVE the Leafy Vine Pendant! Must check out your Etsy site for some future purchases!
I agree with what you said on my blog too - the poor bank account won't get a chance to get to large with all the great things to buy!