Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Zip It, Frenchy!

Now, I am a sucker for anything quirky.

And with my "bread & butter job" at Just Jeans, I have to do up 100's of flies every day... (jeans that don't have bodies in them, trust me!) I am constantly surrounded by zips. Only two styles of jeans in our store have button flies - they are rare these days! So zips it is. Zip, zip, ZIPPITY zip.

Check out Londi - a lovely ex-pat American who now resides in France... (lucky her.) Londi's creations are totally chic and ultra quirky... I think I may have to invest in a piece! Oooh La La!


londijer said...

What a beautiful blog! Thank-you for your kind feature! I'm honored to be among these gorgeously, talented people! Kisses to you!

Mireio said...


Anonymous said...

Love Londi's creations she is so talented! Your blog is awesome!

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Erin Napier said...

These are amazing ... who would have thought? I love the first necklace.

Andrea Tedford said...

these are so creative!