Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Wacky Way To Care

I am always on the prowl. And don't you all know it! I constantly want to see new cool things that make me go - "oh what?! that is awesome!" and I thank Etsy for opening my eyes to some of the coolest designers around the globe.

Looking outside at the rain smacking itself on the concrete and thinking just how much damage it would do if the rain were a sharp object, I began to wonder what could protect all my expensive gadgets from such damage, obviously in a more exciting way. (Think about it, wrapping every iPod and mobile phone in bubblewrap... I don't think so!)

Then I found TooToo on Etsy. Michelle's shop is kickin' it ultra wacky cool... like kool-aid cool. Haha, um did we ever get kool-aid in Australia??

These are my two top picks from TooToo:


Jacquie said...

I particularly love the keyboard wallet. Ultra fab.

Lrc said...

Yah i like that keyboard wallet too...trendy and clever...did you guys not have kool-aid? rilly?