Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Really Wrapped!

Guess what!
Foxes has a SALE at the moment!
10% off selected items... and in that SALE you will find the That Vintage Floral Wrap Bangles!
Quick sticks!
Here is another exclamation mark for fun!

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hello Icy Lacey One.

Who turned off the heat?!
I climbed into bed well after midnight last night (this morning?!) and was shivering beneath the covers, so I did the naughty thing and put my electric blanket on. What is wrong with that, you ask? Well, two days ago it was well over 30C, complete with a bright blue summery sky and the brightest sun going around - minutes beneath it and my skin began to burn! Today there is a blustery icy wind and this can only mean one thing - on go the ugg boots and cardigan whilst I tag up oodles of earrings!

They Can't Stop Raiding Us.

This evening, I popped in my curator monocle, after being inspired by the sweet tunes of the beautiful Owl Eyes.
It certainly has been a long time since I pieced together a treasury list on Etsy!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Heading South.

Look out Hobart!
That Vintage is coming to your neck of the woods for the Boutique Market on Sunday 25th of March, 9am-1pm at the Old Woolstore.
This will be That Vintage's first market trip down south - it shall be oodles of fun!

It Was A Nice Day For A White Wedding.

Yesterday, I had the completely amazing privilege of being apart of one of the most dreamy, beautiful and enjoyable weddings... although, this was my first I've been in and the very first wedding I've ever attended in my entire life as a guest!
It was the marriage of two amazingly in love people - two of my greatest friends, Megan and Dave.

The concept of time really does fly out the window when you hit your 20's. It truly feels like only 6 months ago that we were partying it up at their engagement party... alas, that was in November 2010. Where does the time go!
When Megan first told me of their wedding date, I am fairly certain (along with the other bridesmaids) that I said: "that is YEARS away!" - sure, it literally was... but little did we know just how quickly time would fly by in those 20 months of preparing and planning.

I think I may have been a little naive to just how many details go into planning a wedding; I helped out where I could with what knowledge I could pull from all corners of my mind. I was tickled pink when Megan asked me to help design a wedding favour for the female guests - we tossed around plenty of ideas and ended up with doing a wine charm laser cut from Tasmanian Myrtle wood - complete with bronze feather and leaf charms. On the back we had engraved "Megs & Dave - 28.01.12" - sweet huh!

And of course - the flowers... who isn't a sucker for flowers and decorations at a wedding! This is where Megan struck up a friendship with my lovely florist friend Lauren. Twisted willow altar and pew ends - old recycled jars and milk bottles, wrapped with paper doilies, cotton tape, twine and hessian became the vessels for the freesias, gum nuts, green hydrangeas and lisianthus blooms... our bouquets tied with lace handles - with the lace bodice of Megan's dress being the inspiration.
Speaking of the dresses - I failed to get a proper photo of them but rest assured the awesome photographer & videographer crew... Jesse Hunniford & Will Brown (who kindly filled in for regular camera man Scott Atkins) would have got all of that covered and as soon as I have my mitts on some shots, I'll be sure to share them!

It was a truly memorable day... made even more so when the bridal car - the beautiful Ford Falcon that Dave and his mates spent months on restoring - failed to make it up the top of the hill in the vineyard, resulting in a bridal party in a fit of laughter and a crew of male guests rolling up their sleeves in an attempt to push us up the hill! The effort was truly appreciated but not enough to make it to the top, instead we all took a deep breath, got out of the car and helped Megan and her gown up the hill to begin the walk down the aisle, to the sound of Jesse Higgs (my sister's boyfriend - small world huh!) playing a beautiful rendition of "Saving Grace" by Pete Murray.
Oh my - the goosebumps and tingles are back as I write this!
Got to love a day full of love!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Rolling Away.

The last few days, the strong smell of freshly cut wooden pieces has filled the That Vintage workspace - my thumb is stained with the smell also from rolling off the pieces of protective tape from the wood.
It is also pretty neat doing this process; I'm pretty much in love with Tasmanian Myrtle - it is warm in colour and has such a great dark undertone, which makes it perfect for cutting and engraving!
Just look at that contrast!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Your Neck Of The Woods.

Have you spotted a home for That Vintage in your neck of the woods?
I am always on the look out for new stockists for That Vintage!
So if you have a soft spot for a deliciously cute local bricks and mortar store in your stomping ground - please, share the love!


Doing It.

We are nearly at the end of the first month for 2012 - how on earth did that happen?
The perception of time as you get older, seems to be that it flies by way too quickly - trying to soak up every single moment gets harder with age, but I'm determined this year more than ever to stop and smell the roses.
Last year was a whirlwind - the main goal and highlight was reached when myself and Lauren set up the That Vintage stall at the Sydney Finders Keepers event. Being apart of the Finders Keepers crew has been a dream of mine with That Vintage since day dot and last year, I finally felt I was ready to flap those wings and do it! And do it we did!
There is something about major mainland market events, the buzz of the crowds, meeting new and old lovers of That Vintage and seeing so much talent in the same area - I have now been bitten with the mainland market bug...
I have a huge plan for 2012: That Vintage will be darting across the country, east to west, north to south - and I cannot wait!