Friday, August 30, 2013

Going Soft and Plush.

I've just created some custom printed fabric with both of the original That Vintage birds illustrations.  I am super excited and a little nervous for this project - it is all currently in my mind and a few little sketches in my notebook, but for the most part, I'll be winging this idea!
I cannot wait to get the fabric and the other bits and pieces, begin playing around and hopefully, fingers crossed, my new idea works and I can share it with you all!

Fine And Feathery.

Sweet feathers on your earlobes, but I promise that these ones won't tickle your skin!  
This design is a little different from the other wooden earrings by That Vintage; rather than encase the feather shape within a circle, I opted to think outside of the "circle" and go more true to shape.  
These are a little smaller when wearing, light weight but super cute!
Available in the That Vintage Etsy store. 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Girly Lace.

For me, there is nothing more classic than a dash of lace! 
Classic, girly, vintage... but with a modern twist on the beautiful warm coloured, Tasmanian Myrtle wood.
Lace is timeless, always appreciated and an art form at best.

You can find these babies online at the That Vintage Etsy store.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Spring Bonza.

Yesterday afternoon, I launched a Spring Bonza sale on the That Vintage Imprinted Clay Earrings - in designs that aren't available in stores or online!  Boy, it was one heck of a bonza, the different colour and print combination sets got snapped up super duper fast!
There are only two sets remaining, so I decided to put them into the Etsy store and see what happens... if they get snapped up relatively quickly, I might bring back the Bonza for another event!
It is so nice to be working with colour again, now that the winter blues are subsiding...

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Spring Blooms And Love Comes In.

I love surprises.
I love beautiful, pretty, special surprises!
The above image was exactly that - a beautiful surprise that landed in my inbox from the talented Lisa Kuilenburg of LisaK Photography.
Do you remember the Autumn photo shoot that Lisa did for That Vintage?  Well, it is pretty obvious to me that Lisa has a personal soft spot for That Vintage - and I love that she loves That Vintage so much!
Yesterday, Lisa felt inspired by the new Spring blossoms that are beginning to bloom, so she stepped outside to take some photographs and this was one that she snapped.

So beautiful!

A Little Bit Tropical.

One hot trend for SS14 is anything tropical, tropicana... and with each day going by, Spring seems to be creeping on in at full pelt - it will only be a matter of time before we sit and swelter through Summer!
If you want to jump on the tropical bandwagon but need a break from all things fluorescent, check out the That Vintage Fern Earrings

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bright And Cheery.

Well... as I opened up the blog to begin writing this entry, the view outside looked like a bright "Spring" day, but as soon as I began typing, the clouds came over and the idea of Spring is once again, pushed away. 
Being in the thick of winter, sometimes you can find yourself in a little bit of a stinky funk.  The type of stinky funk that rains on your normal happy parade full of energy, inspiration and all things happy.  I love winter, I love the cooler weather, wearing knits, snuggling under warm blankets with my kitty and sipping cup after cup of tea.
But I am well and truly ready for Spring and all the goodness it brings.
The new.

The fresh.
The bright.

As I wrap up some orders from this weekend, I notice my own colour palate has begun to change - bold snaps of hot pink and sun-shining yellow have drawn me towards them, leaving the muted grey and brown tones behind.  
Change is coming... bring it!
Happy Sunday everyone x

Friday, June 7, 2013

Oh Blog, oh life.

She - Who Is Reflective
Drawing by yours truly x

Oh blog.  Why are you so hard to keep on top of?!
Oh... That's right, because life is so jam packed full of many, many wonderful things.  Things that distract us, things that keep us busy, things that consume our time.  It is such a fine art to find a perfect balance.  And really, is there even such a thing?

Lately, my heart and my entire life has been drawn towards the animal kingdom and truly, at full pelt.  The one reason why I have been absent from my normal life, is the consuming feeling of losing a pet - I don't mean to death (that I know of) but to the fact that my beautiful boy cat that I adopted last December, Milky, has gone missing.  He vanished on the 17th of April and despite my best efforts in trying to get any leads on his whereabouts, he has done a complete Houdini act and slipped away. 

My door and my heart will always be open for when this beautiful boy decides to return home.  I do hope it is sooner rather than later.  He has two new brothers here who are dying to meet him... and his old friend Harry the Labrador puppy misses him so much.  We all miss you dearly beautiful Milky, please come home.

Clyde & William - my newly adopted fur kids.

Since Milky vanished, I have submerged myself in multiple groups and pages on Facebook about all things animal and pet related - lost and found sites, rescue pages, adoption pages, anything you can think of - I've clicked "like" or "join" no doubt.  Before I adopted Milky from my dear friend Angela, I toyed with the idea of adopting a cat from Just Cats Tasmania - at the time, I was still mourning the loss of my beautiful old Birman girl Blossom who lived until she was 17 years of age - but as time is the best healer and as the saying goes, everything happens for a reason, Milky came into my life when he did and stitched up the hole in my heart.  I truly thank him for that.  He showed me that it is okay to love another animal again, regardless of the circumstances.  When he vanished, the hole was ripped open again, I felt distraught and as corny as it sounds, incomplete!  I spent a month pushing "Come Home Milky" on all facets of social media, staked out tip-off sights and visited the RSPCA in hopes that he ended up there... I did everything within my power. 

And then I saw William's sweet little stripy face.
It truly was love at first sight.  I committed to William and waited patiently until he was ready to come home with me... and then I fell for Clyde and ultimately, Clyde became mine as well!
Needless to say, the animal love in my home at the moment is HUGE.  Imagine how much bigger the love would be if Milky walked on in...

From Tasmania and have a pet, or love animals, you better like this page!

Another foot note of this massive personal journey of following my heart lead me to a volunteer role as a member of the admin team for the Tasmanian Lost Pet Register.  Both Toni and Alycia did amazing, supportive work helping me to get Milky's name, face and flyers out to the public through their page - although I didn't get the result I had hoped for, I still appreciated and admired the work that they did and of course, do on a daily basis.  When they posted an expression of interest in volunteering, I knew it was fate.  I knew I had to be on that team.  I wanted others to have their happy endings!  I wanted to help! 

So, the last month or so has been a roller coaster ride, as you have just read, (if you stuck out this massive blog post!) but I am now getting back on the horse of life and trying my hardest to find my balance, my happy place and getting back in the zone of creativity and loving life.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kisses Go To...

And the fawn has spoken...
The lovely three ladies who have scored themselves a Valentine Kiss Pendant are...
"Blue Eyed Nightowl" "Marissa Taylor" and "Amy Attwood" - yippeee!
I'll be in touch soon to arrange delivery of your little delights!

Thanks to everyone who shared the stories of new found and rekindled loves, it was so sweet hearing what has been gracing your eyes in the form of books, what has been tickling your ear drums in the way of music and most of all, those special connections with other souls, both human and animal.
Here's to love... x

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Giving Away Some Kisses.

Valentine Kiss Pendant
Photography by LisaK Photography

Phew!  There is plenty to catch up on with the blog but before I lunge into updates on what has been going on in the That Vintage world over the past few weeks, I want to spread some love to the lovely That Vintage lovers!

I am giving away three - not one but three - Valentine Kiss Pendants!
All you have to do is...
- Leave a comment below telling me about something you recently fell in love with - a book, music, new food, learning to dance - something that gives you goosebumps and makes you feel the lovely feelings! Please include a contact email address to make sure your entry counts.

- Head on over to Facebook and "LIKE" this post.

Winners will be announced Wednesday 17th April, 9pm AEST - yippee!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Art Deco, Lace and Valentine Kiss.

I completed a stock count earlier this week to work out what I needed to make the most of for Finders Keepers next month and to my surprise, I have been chipping away in great amounts and not realising it!  The wooden range is completely full - I really do not need to make anything more to take with me, this is yet another one of those high-five moments.
Reflecting on the last two market events of 2012, it is without a doubt that the item being snapped up the most at the market stall is the That Vintage Imprinted Clay earrings. 
These come in a huge rainbow of colours and now, seven different prints!  I have just finished working out three new prints to add to the range, which are pictured above: Art Deco, Lace and Valentine Kiss.
How do these prints come about, I hear you say?
I roll out the clay, mix up the chosen colour - in this case above, this is Sage Green, a mix of a mossy green with a smidgen of white.  I then use the wooden pieces that have been laser cut with the That Vintage designs and press the print into the small balls of clay.  This works well as the clay rarely sticks to the wood; when the wood starts to get a build up of clay residue, I simply wipe the wood clean with a damp cloth.
I don't use any rubber stamps or anything like that - these imprints are all part of the That Vintage range, in which ties together the wooden range with the clay range.
You can find some of the earrings for sale in the Etsy store.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Finding Out About The Keepers.

I thought I would share with you the faces of who will be at the That Vintage stall at Finders Keepers, Melbourne!
Of course I'll be there, probably a little frazzled which is a given when flying interstate to do a big market event, but I'll shake those sillies away and embrace the event, enjoying every single moment! 
The sweet Katie will be rockin' it by my side - this is Katie's first time working at the Finders Keepers event.  This year I decided to seek the helping hands of someone new, someone who is creative also and someone who is willing to sacrifice their Friday and Saturday to hang out with me, my jewellery and the masses of crowds!  I was lucky that Katie was super keen with the proposal and I am very excited to have her on board.
If you are coming along to the event, please don't be shy!  Say hello and tell me if you read the blog or if you are accumulating a collection of That Vintage pieces!  I love to meet those who support That Vintage, who adore it and appreciate all the time and energy that goes into my little brand.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Warmly Captured.

A little while back, I was lucky enough to have a shoot done of my art work by the talented duo Clint & Bethanie. 
It was a lovely warm afternoon in the dining room of my home, sipping on wine and cider, nibbling off a little cheese board that I whipped up, talking about our lives and travel, plus having my art work professionally captured in its truest state.
I am so impressed with how the photos look - they are spot on, true to the proportion and composition of the drawings, colours and feelings.  Soft and delicate, sensual even!

I am still holding on to these drawings for a little while longer as I am waiting to hear back about a submission I put in for.  I am keeping my fingers crossed, holding tight on to my lucky charm and putting positive vibes out to the universe!
Even if my submission doesn't get accepted, the experience and result of having these drawings captured by two of my very talented friends, is certainly one that I'll look back upon fondly!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

When An Accident Is Actually A Good Thing.

One day last week, I was in one of my normal "mad-dash around the shops in a really short time frame, picking up supplies and getting out of the city centre as quickly as possible" moods.  I am sure some of you can relate! 
I had to pick up some more clay colours, a simple task. 
Making a bee-line for the stand of clay, I grabbed a packet of Sunshine, White, Cherry Red and then... I thought I picked up "Peppermint" - but instead, I actually grabbed "Emerald" and did not realise until I went to unwrap this new wad of clay yesterday.

I sat for a moment, pondered the situation, dug around the studio for the receipt of that purchase, weighed up the pros and cons of another trip into the shops and then I proceeded to dramatically throw my hands up in the air!

What the hey!  Emerald it is.
And I don't regret it - she is a beauty - the deepest of calming greens, that dazzling jewel, the heavy leaves carpeting the thickets of jungles... it really is a magical colour!
And Pantone think so.
So I'm going with it... Hello Emerald!

Completely Cuffed.

Clint wearing his cuff links for his wedding day
Captured by Caught A Glimpse Photography.
Custom orders aren't something I normally do - but when it comes to a set of cuff links, I jump at the chance!  I wonder if this eagerness is because it is a member of the opposite sex who wants to adorn themselves with a piece of That Vintage?  That is a bit of a high-five moment for me!
Pretty keen to get a new batch of cuff links made for the upcoming Melbourne Finders Keepers market in April.  The most recent designs from the wooden range will be making an appearance, that's for sure!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Tassel Colour Explosion.

I have said it before and I will probably say it a million times again... who seriously doesn't love a splash or a pop of colour?!
As the southern hemisphere heads slowly (I can hear the resounding moan from an overstayed summer!) into the cooler months, I have decided to embrace some hues that make me think of the colour changes from Summer to Autumn.  The bright blues of the summery skies to the autumnal plums, burnt oranges and my all time favourite, delicious mustard yellow.
These bright coloured Tassel Pendants will be available at the upcoming Melbourne Finders Keepers market event next month, 5th & 6th of April.
If you are unable to come to the market, there are a few Tassel Pendants available for purchase via the Facebook page, click here for more information!

It's Find & Keep Time Again!

I am so over the moon to announce that That Vintage will be at the upcoming Finders Keepers event in Melbourne next month!
Way back when I began this little handmade adventure, Finders Keepers was on my list of goals - I managed to tick this goal off with my first acceptance into the Sydney December 2011 event... and being completely honest with you, the moment I received the congratulations email, I cried and cried and cried! 
There is nothing more amazing than having success that you have worked hard for and having a goal accomplished.  I am very grateful that Finders Keepers is having That Vintage back for a third time now!

The Finders Keepers events are very well run; they are a highly professional team with that added zest for the handmade love within life.  The stallholders are all of amazing quality, there is always a vast array of different products, plus the added awesomeness of scrumptious food, beverages and entertainment. 
The market is in its 5th year and to ensure its growth and development, there will be a gold coin entry this time around - I think it is absolutely worth it! 
Finders Keepers is definitely more than just a market.  It is an experience - one that should be devoured completely, whilst savouring every single last drop!

If you are planning a trip to any of the Finders Keepers markets this year, come armed with a tote bag, plenty of cash and your plastic cards too, bring a friend and make sure you have oodles of time to spare - to get the most out of an event like this as a visitor, you need time - time in which you allow yourself to converse with the maker, let your eyes be captivated and absorb absolutely every single ounce of talent in the venue.

See you there!
Event information here.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Birthday Goodies Part II Go To...

Such a delightful response to the birthday give away part II... 
Thank you everyone who has entered - I wish I could give you all something sweet from That Vintage! 
The lucky ducky to score this set is the lovely Heather T!

There will be another give away up soon, so stay tuned!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Birthday Giveaway Part II

Back on board after a few days under the weather... the birthday celebrations were placed on hold for That Vintage, but now I am kicking up my party shoes and throwing streamers like it's nobody's business!

I have 1 set of these brand new, hot off laser Woodland Walk Circle Pendant & Woodland Walk Earrings up for grabs.
Anyone can enter, no matter if you are here in Tasmania or way over the other side of the world in... how about... Iceland!

What you need to do:
- Please leave a comment below saying hello and some words of love.
- Please make sure you leave an email address to be contacted with (i.e. contact AT thatvintage DOT com DOT au - that will be fine!)
- Please spread the word about That Vintage - tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter and in real life! ( and @thatvintage)
- Please note that if you do not leave some form of email address your entry will not be counted, I need to be able to contact you to get your prize out if you are the lucky winner - makes sense right?!

This will be drawn tonight, Saturday 23rd of February at 8pm AEST.
Happy Birthday Goodness!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Birthday Goodies Go To... Part I.

Wow!  So many lovely messages of love, adoration and loyalty from many fans of That Vintage on the previous post.  Thank you to absolutely every single one of you - it really does inspire me to keep doing what I do!
So with saying that...
The two lucky lovers to score a Dainty Deer Brooch each are:
Karolina P (Lithuania) & Holly S (Australia)
Ladies, I'll be in touch with you via email very shortly!

Stay tuned for more birthday goodies...

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthday Give Away Part I.

That Vintage turns 5 tomorrow so the birthday celebrations are already beginning - how super sweet is that?
I have 2 of these brand new, hot off laser Dainty Deer Brooches up for grabs.
Anyone can enter, no matter if you are here in Tasmania or way over the other side of the world in Finland!

What you need to do:
- Please leave a comment below saying hello and some words of love.
- Please make sure you leave an email address to be contacted with (i.e. contact AT thatvintage DOT com DOT au - that will be fine!)
- Please spread the word about That Vintage - tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter and in real life! ( and @thatvintage)
- Please note that if you do not leave some form of email address your entry will not be counted, I need to be able to contact you to get your prize out if you are the lucky winner - makes sense right?!

This will be drawn tonight, Wednesday 13th of February at 8pm AEST.
Happy Birthday Goodness!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Birthday and a new hatching.

That Vintage turns 5 years old this week... what a milestone!
I love looking back through the years and seeing how the label has grown and developed - it really is reflective of myself and that is how I wanted it to be! 
I become attached to my drawings and I am still amazed at the technology of laser cutting and engraving - the method in which turns my drawings into wearable pieces of art.
There is a new range not far off from release and I am super excited about this batch!
Time to think about baking some birthday cupcakes and enjoying this week by reflecting and giving love back to those who support That Vintage - all the lovely customers and shops out there!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Colour.

I am a sucker for colour, I mean, who isn't?  I swing between neutrals like khaki and fawn, to bright licks of chartreuse and watermelon, oh and of course my colour crush of fresh mint and the occasional hint of mustard.  My wardrobe sometimes looks like a rainbow threw up in it (nice visual huh!) but I almost always wear black on my bottom half.  Yep, keep it simple down low, go nuts up top - and it works; not only does something always go with a pair of black skinny jeans, but tops are relatively a lot cheaper than bottoms!

So, with this intense love of colour and experimenting with mixing hues together, I have finally... yes, finally, finalised the complete colour range available with the That Vintage Imprinted Clay Earrings.
The list of colours:
Cement Grey, Mustard Yellow, Sage Green, Sunshine Yellow, Tangerine Orange, Electric Blue, Caramel Brown, Sky Blue, Lipstick Pink, Fresh Mint, Lavender Purple, Musk Pink, Cherry Red and Baby Blue.  Phew!
And available in four prints... for now...
Sweet Dove, Morocco, Valentine Vine and Fan.
I believe this range will grow shortly... *hint hint*

Releasing the Fledgling.

Something I have always wanted to experience is the feeling brought on by my drawings, my artwork, being loved and appreciated by people other than my immediate family and friends.  I guess you could say that I have achieved this with That Vintage - but I think this goal is more about the raw side of my creativity - the drawings on wood, not the finished jewellery product.

With saying that, I have embarked on one of my goals for this year - gearing up my drawings ready for sale online.  My great friends Clint & Beth from Clint & Bethanie Photography and Film, came around yesterday afternoon to do a photo shoot of the drawings I have had banked up for over six months now.  I trust these two, their work is immaculate, intimate and of the highest quality - I am pretty keen to work with them again in the very near future!
Stay tuned for when the artwork fledglings will be released into the online world!