Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Birthday Give Away Part I.

That Vintage turns 5 tomorrow so the birthday celebrations are already beginning - how super sweet is that?
I have 2 of these brand new, hot off laser Dainty Deer Brooches up for grabs.
Anyone can enter, no matter if you are here in Tasmania or way over the other side of the world in Finland!

What you need to do:
- Please leave a comment below saying hello and some words of love.
- Please make sure you leave an email address to be contacted with (i.e. contact AT thatvintage DOT com DOT au - that will be fine!)
- Please spread the word about That Vintage - tell your friends on Facebook, Twitter and in real life! (facebook.com/thatvintage.au and @thatvintage)
- Please note that if you do not leave some form of email address your entry will not be counted, I need to be able to contact you to get your prize out if you are the lucky winner - makes sense right?!

This will be drawn tonight, Wednesday 13th of February at 8pm AEST.
Happy Birthday Goodness!


Anjuli said...

Ohh I love That Vintage treats :) A little brooch would be a lovely lift to the week!


Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Congrats! You've achieved so much in those 5 years! I always love seeing your new designs:)

Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Hi hi,

I am loving on your earrings at the moment, trying to decide which ones to get; but it's a hard decision as they are all gorgeous.
Happy Birthday

Bara Perglova said...

Congrats Sophie and Happy Birthday to That Vintage! I would like to be on the same place where you are after 5 years! :) You are amazing!


Erica said...

These are very cute Soph! :)



Liselotte Roodbol said...

Once, I think 4 years ago, I received that little package with a bird pendant. A little gift, wrapped in lovely paper with a lovely message. Thank you for that. 5 years is a longtime. Up to another five. With birds, flowers, rabbits and more. I hope it :)

Happy Birthday


Karolina said...

Labas! ('Hello' in Lithuanian). I've been watching your works for about a year now and I'm always so surprised when you come up with various ideas like porcelain cups, deers, wooden goodies, clay earrings! It's really nice when you write your warm posts with such inspiration, I bet you really like what you're doing and that's the most important thing! When you love what you do, everyone around suddenly start to feel the same :) That is why I want to wish "That Vintage" happy happy birthday, a lot of inspiring moments and smiles. Big hug from Vilnius, Lithuania, your deer brooches are adorable!

my email - panto.karolina@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

'Hello' Poppet!
Can't believe it's been this many years, but actually I can! With such fabulicious designs of course it's been this long, and will be that much longer! Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Happy 5 years! Well done! Your creativity has taken you so far, keep up the hard work.
Julie xo


Janelle said...

Ooh these new brooches are so gorgeous Sophie! I get so many nice comments every time I wear my That Vintage brooch and I don't hesitate to let them know about 'the local Launceston girl' that makes them! :) Congrats on an amazing 5 years! xx


Anonymous said...


I absolutely love all the rabbits, foxes and deer, so vintage and sweet.. keep up the good work :)


rosewendy said...

I'm in Tasmania too and love your designs.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how creative and utterly talented your designs are! It is truly inspiring to see people doing what they love. Happy Birthday!


JDK said...

Congrats on reaching a huge mile stone. Be proud. I'd love to win.

jaydeeellis (AT) gmail (DOT) com

NicoleWilliams said...

Happy Birthday That Vintage!
My That Vintage jewellery are some of my favourite and I wear them all the time - and get comments on them all the time.
If I had more $$ I would buy the whole collection!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to That Vintage and Sophie. Looking forward to the next five years and seeing what That Vintage has in store. These brought a smile to my face as I am one week into twelve weeks of bed rest before a new addition arrives. Enjoy the birthday celebrations.

Unknown said...

% years what a wonderful achievement and no wonder with the lovely things you make

Unknown said...

5 years what an achievement and no wonder with all the lovely things you make.

Stephanie Arnold said...

I loved these as soon as I saw them! May have to be the third purchase in a month ;)


Unknown said...

Happy 5 years! And how appropriate that 5 year wedding anniversary is 'wood'. Imagine where the next 5 will take you...?! Exciting times. And that brooch is my favourite of yours yet...and that's saying something because I pretty much love anything That Vintage!
Big love, Emma x

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday That Vintage! I absolutely love all of your jewellery, I remember finding your earrings when I first moved to Tasmania about 4-5 years ago and have since been amazed seeing your business and talent continue to grow! Keep up the great work, love it all :)
much love, Bridie



Sharnee Torrents said...

Oh YAY and COngrats to you Sophie and of course That Vintage!! Still an absolute fav of mine, love to ear it on my ears, my finger and round my neck! What a wonderful giveaway, now who's sharing the "love?"
Thanks heaps Sophie!
Hugs and smiles Sharnee :)

Miss Smilla said...

Happy Birthday + thank you for the opportunity! Hope you'll have a great party :-)


nomz said...

Happy Birthday!
5 years is such a mileston for a small business, well done :)
I would love a dainty deer brooch as I went to northern outback Sweden recently and didn't see a single deer, moose or anything. It was very sad but I had a super fun time anyway.
Have a great day tomorrow, I hope you have something special planned to celebrate your great work over the last five years

Nay :)

Heidi said...

Happy 5th Birthday That Vintage! Can't wait to see what the next 5+ years has in store for your gorgeous brand Sophie! :)


Unknown said...

Happy birthday, That Vintage! Your pieces are beautiful beautiful!! Thanks for the chance to win one! x


Kate said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!
I love your wares Sophie. Any chance of celebrating our fabulous Australian flora in your next 5 years of greatness?

kateannereid@gmail.com :-)

Beth said...

Happy Birthday That Vintage!
That gorgeous brooch would be the perfect valentines day present!

Love your work!
Beth x


lucylu said...

Happy happy birthday to the very lovely That Vintage xox Februarys a great month for a birthday (mine's next week) and some That Vintage loveliness would make for a perfect present! Love all that you do! Lucy xox


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!!!!!! Here's to another 5 years of amazing creating.

ChristabelLea AT gmail DOT com

Anonymous said...

Am loving your new range! Happy 5th birthday.

Holly Smith said...

Happy 5th Birthday That Vintage!!!

Absolutely beautiful jewellery, I love seeing all the new designs. (I'm loving the deers at the moment) I love showing my primary students new and quirky jewellery as they love picking out my new pieces.

I hope you are around for many more years to come!


loulou said...

Hip hip hooray it's your birthday. Love birthdays they are so much fun! Congrats.


Anonymous said...

Happy 5th birthday! Thank you for helping me feed my reindeer obsession in the past 5 years! May there be many more years (and reindeers!) to come :)



Anonymous said...

Happy 5th Birthday That Vintage! Thank you for helping me feed my reindeer obsession in the past 5 years! May there be many more years (and reindeers!) to come :)



Anonymous said...

Love the Dainty Deer!! Happy Birthday.

Jaime Carmichael said...

Happy Birthday! Your designs are one of a kind. I look forward to seeing that the next 5 years brings for you :)


Marzi said...

I love your stuff it always makes me think of whimsy and simple yet classic quirk.


Anonymous said...

Oh I LOVE That Vintage after being introduced to you through Yes, Dear Give & Take! And I especially love your deer things - i plan to make a deer fairy and would love a brooch to go on her dress!

Cass said...

Hi Sophie

I have enjoyed watching That Vintage grow and your artwork evolve over the last 3 years or so when I discovered you. You are an inspiration to me in my own work, so thank you and of course a BIG HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY. May there be many more to come!!

Cass x

Sussi said...

Happy Birthday!!! Oh deer :) I have a thing for deers & this one is a sweetie. I would deerly love & care for him always... much love, sussi

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th Birthday! I have a few pieces of That Vintage but you can't have too many I say.....all your pieces are lovely! Well done Sophie on 5 years!

Anonymous said...

Hello Sophie,
wow where has 5 years gone, you have created so many things for us to love on, you've created: resin earrings, tea collections, clay collections, wooden pieces and more to which I adore! so thank you Sophie ever so much for creating That Vintage and such!
Love Tarrin Kemp

Anonymous said...

Happy 5th birthday That Vintage!
Congratulations on this achievement Sophie!


xo Naomi

Anonymous said...

LOVE seeing your new creations, and one of EVERYTHING! inspiring buisness woman and SUCCESSFUL!

Ally Smith