Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I went on an Etsy Store revamp rampage... and ended up listing loads of new pairs of earrings in the process.


Listing takes so long... right from the beginning of taking the photographs, then editing them in Photoshop... followed by the uploading process and creating descriptions and ahhh!

Glass of wine time.
(I know I will!)

Monday, September 28, 2009

Breathing Space

Exhausted - Cary Schmidt

Wow, what a weekend.
Mixed emotions for the best part!
I won't go into too much detail, other than I am proud of the Saints - what a top year, top Grand Final effort - but as I had suspected, towards the end of the 4th quarter either team was going to pull away... unfortunately it wasn't the Saints - the Cats purred a little louder! But hey! There is always next year - right? And I think 2010 is a much better number that 2009! Enough of the sporty sort!

So... I am currently deaf.
Yes, awesome. NOT.
Working a million days straight has finally caught up to me, with a middle ear infection in tow.

Alphabet in American Sign Language by MoonlightAura

I can speak little bits of French and German, but now I have found a new language to take part in - Sign. If only for a few days..!
I actually learnt the sign for "I Love You" years and years ago whilst watching good ol' Sesame Street. Who would have thought!

I love that I have remembered it to this day!
Going to sign my love to my mother bear tonight when she gets home from work... Aww!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Calling All Saints

Just thought I'd let you all know what AFL team I am going for on Saturday... Grand Final day (for those of you living under a rock)

None other than my team...


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Big Friend, Little Friend

Introducing the two newest additions to That Vintage, available online in my Etsy store...
Friends come in all shapes and sizes - yet we love them all.
This little pair of amigos have been laser cut from Tasmanian Myrtle wood.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Elephant In The Room

(I am on a blog-roll! So why stop now!)

Oh Grey...
You're not quite black, nor white.

Grey, you are unique, you are sometimes called a shade or a tone - but either way, Grey - you really rock it. Like a smooth pebble. Or a thick moody thunder cloud. Or the cold concrete pavement. You rock.

This is my tribute to Grey.

Rosette Jersey Scarf by ellainaboutique

Necklush by necklush

Bubble Dress with Leather Collar by JaeyoonJeong

Grey Owl Cocoon Pod by ittybittycouture

Felt From The Netherlands

Reya Veltman hails from The Netherlands - a country on my list of places to visit in the future. Reya's shop is gorgeous, I was going to list more images but we all know that curiosity is worth the adventure.
Head to her Etsy Store to see some more of her amazingly wonderful and unique creations.

Was That Thunder?

...No, that was my tummy rumbling!

I have just had myself a cup of French Earl Grey tea (thanks to Suz @ Cocoon!) and popped my feet up on the couch after hooning around on the vacuum cleaner - oh the housework! Joy!

The wind is kicking up a real storm outside and my pooch Jazz - decided he'd howl a bit too, so before I finished vacuuming the area near the door leading to the deck, I snuck Jazz indoors to sit "strictly" on the mat.

This is Jazz, doing one of his favourite party tricks:
"I've Had Too Much To Drink"
Coincidently, this was on Christmas day... Merry as?

Jazz is a big black labrador. His tail is a weapon in itself, hence why when he very rarely comes indoors, he must stay on his mat. Jazz has worked out that sneaking around on the floor boards really slowly and as "light as a feather" (as he possibly could be) is OUT of the question! I let Jazz "unwind" on the mat for about 20 minutes before I had to escort him back out to his premises. The short trip to "Paradise Indoors" was exactly that, short lived - yet the wagging of his tail assured me that he appreciated his sojourn.

Whilst sipping on my cup of tea, I watched a cooking show - one of the millions on the box around this time of day.
But it is what James Reeson of Alive And Cooking whipped up today, that got my tum-tum in a bit of a storm.

Chicken and Olive Sugo.

The name alone sounds yum.

I love chicken, I love olives, I love random words like "sugo."

For the recipe of this rather simple dish (or so he made out!)
head to the website: Chicken and Olive Sugo.

I have a feeling that I will be cooking this in the next couple of days... yum or what!

For The Love Of Cocoon

I have some exceptional friends.
I have some clever friends.

I have some amazingly amazing friends.

Cocoon - 109 George Street, Launceston

Those of you who are savvy with handmade goodies, would know all about Cocoon in George Street, Launceston. Those of you who do embark on the adventure into the doors of Cocoon would know the beautiful face of Suz - the ever friendly, always ready to greet, chat, and show off the newest of the new in Cocoon.

Well guess what... she's my friend.
So there!

I love you Suz!
Suz's polymer clay earrings are available at Cocoon - snap them up - they are divine!

The Reason For Colour

I love colour.
This is not a secret.

3 Loop Necklace Scarves by nitca

I exposed my love of colour from a young age - I never used a black marker to outline my drawings, it was always blue or red.
I didn't like colouring books because they seemed to black and white in the shops.
I also didn't like colouring books because I felt confined.
(Such an artist!)

My mother use to dress me in the coolest of threads by Esprit, Gumboots and Osh Kosh. All bright colours and no black at all - I don't think I even had a pair of black shoes that weren't school shoes!

I was flippin' through a gossip magazine on my lunch break last week and saw a two page spread on Angelina Jolie and her brood - nicknamed the "Monochrome Gang".
Each child was dressed in white, off-white, black or charcoal - how boring!!
They are kids!! They stand out more when you dress them so "black and white" - for lack of a better description!

Eeenie Meenie Minie Moe

Stuck choosing your next colour of fabric?
This site may help!

Even for a wee bit of fun!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Loz And Dinny Makes Me Giggly...

The foxy brain child of said label, Gemma - cracks me up.
Really, she is amazing...

I mean come on woman, your creations are divine and everyone tells you so.
I am not even twenty three yet, and your little retro girl dresses really get my cluck on!

Not to mention my lame comment about "wishing I went to library" so I could justify that ultra cool elephant-grey library bag that was on your stall yesterday. Maybe I should go to library, get my clucky geek on.

Kudo's to you woman.
You rock my inspirational world.
Word up to the Queen Bee of Making Sophie Clucky: Gemma Burns.
(Check out Loz And Dinny's blog!)

Cosy Tea Me?

Oh tea?
Tea cosy?
Tea CUP cosy?

Tea Love Mug Cosy by KnitStorm

Market day was yesterday, it was delightful to catch up with everyone and meet some new people also - I am certainly looking forward to the Summer markets and seeing Civic Homespun blossom even more so!

Again, (like at Niche) I was positioned next to the lovely Annie of Red Bamboo... ha! Of course I didn't come away empty handed! Annie and I did a wee little trade - she scored a Birdcage pendant and I got lucky with two candles and some soy melts - the turkish mocha candle smells so amazing, my mother is hooked on sniffing it!

Annie's delightful candles - yummmm...!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Calypso Carnival Anyone?

Another day of rain... really, I don't mind it, but the memories I have of Spring are of sunshine, blossoms, birds chirping and green, green grass... Won't be long now I suppose!

This Saturday I'll be at the Civic Homespun Market, Launceston (head to their blog to find out more) along with my beautiful creative friends, Loz & Dinny and Red Bamboo - it will be great to see everyone again and lap up that market vibe!

My latest offering of the ever popular button earrings.
Bright Calypso.
Oh wee woo! Summery or what!

Hope to see you at Homespun this weekend!