Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New Toy.

My iPhone4 32GB arrived today at 7:40am - yes, early!
And I was at the Telstra dealer shop bang on 9:00am... haha! Yes, very keen!
So to celebrate my new toy, I did a bit of hunting on Etsy for some different cases and covers - I think it will take me a while to decide which one to pick!

In love with the shop Tovicorrie - in particular the lace print ones pictured above, hmm which colour! I want one of each - so pretty and dainty! Oh and the rest of that shop... so many beautiful choices - going to be hard!

Top: "Spring Is Coming" leather case by TinderBloom
Middle: Wood Pattern case by fairy3388
Bottom: Victorian Filigree Swirl case by CWestbrookDesigns

Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Dainty Little Fledgling Reminder.

Stella Winter and her mama Natalie.

Faces like those pictured above, warm my heart so much!
And from that warming, comes a little buzz... the buzz of inspiration.

Since Stella arrived, life has been a whirlwind - so many things have happened, progressed and regressed, steps forward and backward, but one look at her little face and I am instantly reminded of the beauty in new life.
Stella has inspired the Spring range - nicknamed "Dainty Little Fledgling" - featuring baby wrens, strong deer walking with little wren friends, sweet doves of peace, lace, wrought iron, doilies and Spring branches - everything that Stella makes me think of!

Big Friend, Little Friend - Walk With Me Necklace

Friday, September 24, 2010

Big Dainty Wren Jumps.

With the new season comes new inspiration...
Dainty Wren Ring (pictured above) is just one of the new pieces for That Vintage - I don't think I will take this ring off, ever... looking at it and the imagery I created, brings a smile to my face - a perfect pick-me-up!

Monday, September 13, 2010

On That Note.

Just a sweet little tasty teaser for you all...
The new That Vintage range will be available at the end of this month!

I am so excited...
I hope you are too!

Happy Faces, Warm Hearts.

My gorgeous friend Emily with smiling Stella.

I am finally on holidays!
It is such a relief... I have had the most drawn out past four days at my bread & butter job, things were starting to really get to me! But never fear, for holiday time is here!

I had my gorgeous girls Emily, Natalie & Stella around last night and I cooked them dinner - Sweet potato, chickpea and coriander patties with a huge garden salad. It was delicious! Stella kept the entire family entertained; my own mother bear certainly hasn't lost her touch with babies - she cuddled, fed, entertained and soothed Stella whilst we got to enjoy our dinner.

I also gave the girls an exclusive sneak peek at the new That Vintage designs that are fresh off the laser as of yesterday... the response was exactly what I had hoped for! And it mirrors how I feel about the new designs, so thrilled with how they have turned out! But I must keep you all in suspense until I return from my holiday... Oh aren't I mean!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Oh Hello Arty.

Pencils and paper - hello my friends...
I have finally been inspired by beautiful, friendly faces to draw some more illustrations/portraits.
Thought I would share with you just one... this is of Dani - she works at one of the stores that I stock to in Launceston: Cadootje.
Dani is beautiful in looks and nature; she has big bug eyes that are bright blue and a gorgeous fashion sense! It was a pleasure to draw her - and only took 15 minutes! Got to love the creative-buzz!

(Sorry for the dirty watermark... bit wary of people pinching other peoples artwork these days - sad world!)

Friday, September 10, 2010

Flapping The Wings.

On Wednesday I am leaving Tasmania.
Not forever, don't panic...
But for a week - to Adelaide!
This will be my first time ever to Adelaide, I can't wait to explore - my older sister moved her family down from Townsville a few months ago, she loves it - and said that I will love it too!
I am definitely looking forward to the break... I am starting to go a little bit nutty!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sweet Spring Additions.

Yesterday I added three new additions to the That Vintage Etsy and Made It stores.
I know some of you who were literally pacing the hallways, waiting to see the Rabbit Love Felt & Wood Brooch online - well now, the wait is over!

A lovely repeat customer, Helen wearing her Rabbit Love Felt & Wood Brooch.

You can now see him in the virtual sense and perhaps, even purchase him to love and cuddle and wear on your lapel for forever and a day!

Spring Delight.

The giveaway has come to an end...
And after reading every single one of the eighty entries (wow!) I finally picked a winner; one who seems to be slightly in touch with That Vintage and the new range that is currently being "incubated" ... (hint hint!)

c o n g r a t u l a t i o n s !
The goodies are all yours Imba!

And thankyou to everyone who entered the giveaway - reading all of your thoughts on Spring, has inspired me beyond comprehension!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Just Like The Season.

I unwrapped a new batch of freshly laser cut pieces to find that this batch of wood has a surprisingly dark undertone ...isn't it so striking?

Just a reminder - make sure you enter my blog giveaway (see previous post) as you have a chance to score $121.00 worth of That Vintage goodies - ends on this coming Wednesday 8th... so go on! Enter!