Saturday, June 30, 2012

Tea and Pencils.

Two things that go hand in hand at the moment within my life: tea and pencils.
Tea - from Creme Brulee to Gorgeous Geisha.
Pencils - from HB to 6B.
I purchased a new sketchbook the other week and have made it a nightly ritual when having some alone time, to pour a cuppa and draw. 
I'm excited by the idea of filling this sketchbook right up with pencil drawings - something I haven't done in a very long time!
A couple drawings snapped mid way through.
A piece I worked on tonight - a hair bow!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Delightful Day Of Love.

I adore it when people find That Vintage in photographs and are thoughtful enough to contact me and let me know - thanks to Julie from tractorgirl, I got to see two pieces of That Vintage worn in a beautiful 1950's themed wedding: the Winter Woods Part II Pendant and the Winter Woods Part II Earrings.
I remember when Shannon contacted me on Etsy and purchased these pieces - I was (and still am!) tickled pink that she wanted to wear them as apart of her wedding day!
The photographs are gorgeous, what a beautiful theme for a wedding and don't Shannon & Patrick look oh-so in love!
Photography by Harris Studios Boutique Photography - check them out!

Life Lately.

Tea Flavours - so much tea, as you can tell from previous posts, I drink tea.  So much tea!  Lately I have fallen back in love with French Earl Grey and Madagascan Vanilla by T2.

Tea Cups - I pulled my collection of the Turkish Tea Cups & Saucers by T2 out from the cupboard they live in, just so I could enjoy their colours and get them ready for their new home in my 1950's vintage buffet unit that I am picking up from Hobart this coming weekend.  Oh they will look divine in it!  Photos to come, of course!

Sweet Scents & Pet Memories - I've been burning a handmade soy candle that I picked up from last months Apron Design Market - it is set in a vintage ornate glass dish, positioned perfectly in front of one of my favourite photos of my dear pooch Jazz, who we lost almost a year ago - where has that time gone?  Miss you every day boy!  And my poor Bloss, I miss her so much.  Life sure is less amazing without pets.

Knitting - It's been 18 years since my grandmother taught me how to knit a rainbow yarn scarf.  I don't know how my young mind managed such patience to continue through and finish it, but I know I did!  So I took a few Youtube tutorials, purchased new bamboo knitting needles and lovely soft yarn with the goal to make an infinity loop scarf... that means I have to knit 1.4m - wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't cast on in excess of 60 stitches initially!  Rookie error!  Nevertheless, I am chipping away at it.  Since starting this piece, I have bought more needles and yarn in different colours, practiced different stitches and added balls of yarn to a piece.  It is true what they say - practice does make perfect!  And I have a whole lot more practice still ahead of me!

Meet You At The Milkbar.

Last Saturday, after a long lazy breakfast and some shopping for a friends' birthday - we headed to Milkbar for a well earned cuppa. 
I have been meaning to pop into Milkbar - owned by Isis and her partner Damien - since it opened.  I don't know why I didn't make it more of a priority, because oh man, it is CUTE! 
Decked out in retro furniture, a menu full of healthy and delicious goodness, complete with a cute backroom shop and craft area.
Milkbar hosts crafty type shindigs - tutorial lessons with crafters for those who want to try something new... you should check out their Facebook page and their Blog... oh and you know what, if you are in their neck of the woods, you should visit them in person. 
Pick up a loyalty coffee card and tell them I sent you! 

Thanks Deer.

More pieces of naturally shed White Tail Deer Tips have now been turned into pendants ready for Saturday's Niche: All Wrapped Up market in Hobart.
The shapes and textures of these are incredible. 
Think back to what the Deer Antler is used for - a weapon of dominance and strength between the male deers - it is pretty neat to turn something masculine, into something feminine. 
Oh I must add that with saying that, I have had a few sales to males!

Autumn Colour Bursts in the Skies.

 All photos taken by myself on Instagram.
One of the reasons why I love Autumn so much is the amount of colour this season brings.  Of course I could talk about the obvious colour changes - the leaves morphing from lush greens to deep browns, oranges, reds and yellows... but at dusk, tilt your head back and look to the sky.  The candy hues of pink, purple, peach and cream.  Delcious.
It is hard to believe that Autumn has come and gone.
And now we are two weeks into Winter...

This little guy was frozen in time one frosty morning.
Seasons are truly amazing.
Brrr!  Now I feel the need for another cup of tea!

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Nicest Tip.

One of the new additions to the That Vintage family is the White Tail Deer Antler Tip pendants - made from naturally shed deer antlers, these tips are smooth and no two are alike! 
Available in single pendant or as a trio - if you are like me, you won't be able to stop touching them, twirling them around the chain and stroking the smoothness of the natural bone. 
Oh, and they certainly are a conversation starter!
These will be available at upcoming markets - if you are unable to attend a market, head to the That Vintage Facebook page and get in touch there!


Any season is good enough for me to be drinking tea, but Winter certainly encourages more pots to be brewed and more flavours to be tasted.
This morning, I took extra long with my breakfast and brewed a giant pot of T2 Madagascan Vanilla tea and served it to myself in this divine mustard, marigold, sunshine tea cup, which is also by T2!  It was lovely to just sit, sipping and topping up my cup as it got emptier.
Exciting news for Tasmanians... T2 is finally opening up a store in our island state - in Hobart's Cat & Fiddle Arcade - I can see it now, glorious giddy goodness of tea and I'll be making many road trips down south just to visit and stock up!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Cute Crafty Crush - Grey Lace

All lovely images by Janelle greylace

Don't you just love it when you stumble upon someone who sees the world just how you love to?
This happened when I was going through my Instagram feed and checking out my recent "likers" - I came across Janelle (greylace) and took a double take when I saw her profile picture... a cute lime knitted jumper complete with a vintage Peter Pan collar and a That Vintage Pair Of Birds brooch!
Janelle's Instagram feed is filled with divine sweetness - from cute cups of tea, crochet work and other crafty pieces that she has been playing with.  Janelle's blog greylace is spot on the cute factor also - definitely worth a cup of tea and ten minutes (or more!) of your reading time!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Beauty And The Iron Dove

How gorgeous are the above photos?
Shirley is a lovely customer of That Vintage and also a Launceston based doula.
She recently purchased the Iron Dove Pop-Up Pendant and wore it to her photoshoot for her upcoming website - Genesis Births.
What an absolute beauty!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Niche Invasion.

Niche - all wrapped up is heading down south to Hobart for its first ever southern market event!
It is the same deal as the popular northern event: a very cool collection of local creative souls, handmade makers, produce and cooking Gods & Goddess' - all with the feel good shopping event, in which 20% of the sales from each stallholder, goes directly to St Giles Tasmania.
What more could you ask for?
Oh, it is under cover too - in actual fact, it is in the City Hall!  Kudos to that, considering we are well into winter and Hobart is chilly at the best of times!
So, see you on Saturday the 16th of June for the birth of Niche Hobart... it's going to be fun!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Finders Keepers in Melbourne

It is crazy to think that Finders Keepers in Melbourne was well over a month ago now, it really feels like only last week! 
I took a week out of my life and headed across the strait to Melbourne - boxes of stall props were mailed over prior to my departure, destined to my lovely and helpful friend Rebecca.  This was such a huge help, it meant that I could take the majority of my stall set up that I use here in Tasmania, to Melbourne.  Rebecca also kindly helped out on the stall - which was such a blessing as there were people absolutely every where - it was truly packed out! 
 click for a close up look!

On the Friday night, the atmosphere was a buzz with social shopping - lovers of handmade juggling bottles of cider, yummy tacos (that tempted my taste buds greatly!) and their shopping bags - the sounds of awesome indie musicians filled the Exhibition Building, completing the creative scene.  Lucky for me, Rebecca's twin Olivia (from Fox & Mint) came along and also helped out!
The Saturday was equally as exciting - a huge day and by the end of it both Rebecca and I were exhausted.  We both managed to duck away from the stall to do a bit of shopping ourselves, I also got talking to a couple of my followers on Twitter - it was so nice to be able to put real faces to their names!
Melbourne, you were great - cannot wait to come visit again soon!
The Sydney Autumn/Winter market is on this weekend - so head to the Finders Keepers website for more information!

Up To Speed

I have been in that state of mind lately - "must update blog, must update blog" - and every time I manage to get a spare second to begin a post... the phone rings, an important email comes through or my To Do list begs me to attend to something a little more important - I sure do need a clone!
So, since I last posted, That Vintage jumped the ditch to Melbourne for the Autumn/Winter Finders Keepers event in the beautiful and icon Exhibition Building - it was incredible, jammed packed with an awesome selection of creative folk - but more about that event in another blog entry, complete with photos!

That Vintage is now sending all Australian orders via Australia Post Express service - this guarantees a speedy delivery plus a tracking system, all for under $10.00 - hurrah!  I think having upgraded the postage to Express will offer a lot of online shoppers that peace of mind!

Speaking of online shopping, the Etsy store has had a swarm of new additions - the ever popular That Vintage Tea Party range has finally been photographed and uploaded to the store! 
Since starting this collection in November 2010 - it has grown in leaps and bounds with new additions to colours and prints including the new Lady Rose and Lady Violet range, large and small saucer earrings and longer chains for the jug and tea pot pendants!