Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Life Lately.

Tea Flavours - so much tea, as you can tell from previous posts, I drink tea.  So much tea!  Lately I have fallen back in love with French Earl Grey and Madagascan Vanilla by T2.

Tea Cups - I pulled my collection of the Turkish Tea Cups & Saucers by T2 out from the cupboard they live in, just so I could enjoy their colours and get them ready for their new home in my 1950's vintage buffet unit that I am picking up from Hobart this coming weekend.  Oh they will look divine in it!  Photos to come, of course!

Sweet Scents & Pet Memories - I've been burning a handmade soy candle that I picked up from last months Apron Design Market - it is set in a vintage ornate glass dish, positioned perfectly in front of one of my favourite photos of my dear pooch Jazz, who we lost almost a year ago - where has that time gone?  Miss you every day boy!  And my poor Bloss, I miss her so much.  Life sure is less amazing without pets.

Knitting - It's been 18 years since my grandmother taught me how to knit a rainbow yarn scarf.  I don't know how my young mind managed such patience to continue through and finish it, but I know I did!  So I took a few Youtube tutorials, purchased new bamboo knitting needles and lovely soft yarn with the goal to make an infinity loop scarf... that means I have to knit 1.4m - wouldn't be such a problem if I didn't cast on in excess of 60 stitches initially!  Rookie error!  Nevertheless, I am chipping away at it.  Since starting this piece, I have bought more needles and yarn in different colours, practiced different stitches and added balls of yarn to a piece.  It is true what they say - practice does make perfect!  And I have a whole lot more practice still ahead of me!

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