Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Green, You Caught My Eye

Talk about eye catching... how could I ignore?

Lime Green Strapless Formal Dress by cezannefashions

The above Sassy little green number was featured on the front page of It instantly made me see green... oh, gee, how lame of me to say - with envy! I love this tree-frog green and the cut of the dress looks like it'd hide every frontal-lump-and-bump!

Coral Pink & Gray Strapless Formal Dress by cezannefashions

Yellow Cocktail Party Formal Dress by cezannefashions

Teal Green Formal Cocktail Party Dress by cezannefashions

Make sure you check out cezannefashions - inspiration for the summer party season - Bring it on!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Because I Look Good In Leather

I am becoming sadder as the days become brighter - such a contradiction - any normal person would be the other way around I guess, but what I mean to say is that with the sun pounding its heat down onto my skin, the leather jackets that I have loved to smithereens over Winter will need to be put into storage... sob sob!

So I turn to my ever faithful friend, the internet... and browse Etsy (ugh yes of course, where else do I find such neat things?) and wella - here are a few leathery picks which I'm sure I could pull off in the Summer months ahead.

Leather Love Cuff by LoveAtFirstBlush

Dragon Fly Belt by BrokenEnglishLeather

Micro Bag by feralgirl

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Drama Queen, Drama Lover

Call me hopelessly devoted to Australian drama... and well, truth be known... I wouldn't argue with you!

I watch Home & Away religiously every weekday night and my favourite character is Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey) - as you may or may not know (living under a rock?) Belle has just passed away on the show from cancer. I will in some ways miss Belle as a character, but even more so Jessica herself - her style is awesome and even my mum sees bits of flair from her on-and-off-screen style in myself.

So whilst blubbering like a sobbing sad sack at the funeral episode tonight, I googled some images of Jessica Tovey and below are my fave picks.

Blazer and high waisted skirt in black - yes, yes, yes! Love this!

If I had my time over again with school balls and formals, I would probably wear something very similar to this - perhaps I may just find some random excuse to warrant purchasing a dress like this, right now?

Tights and boots and long tops/short dresses = I would live in!

I really dig her hair in the photo, love the out-grown fringe and the natural wave in her hair, it's a shame that I am in a serious relationship with my hair straightener - so much so that I doubt I could or would know how to do a do like this!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Can't Think Of A Title

My brain is still stuck in holiday mode - hence why the title of this entry is sooooo creative... not!

So my holiday has been and gone - it was lovely and warm up there, the only downer being that I am covered in mosquito bites that have been slowly, but surely, driving me insane.

I have just listed four new pairs of earrings at my Etsy store: