Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Spring To Three Hundred To Giveaway.

g i v e a w a y i s n o w c l o s e d !
stay tuned for winner announcement!

To celebrate the first day of Spring for the Southern Hemisphere and the 300th blog entry for That Vintage, I am having a giveaway!

The lucky winner of the giveaway will not only win one piece, but five!
Up for grabs is:
Leafy Branch Necklace, Fleur Stud Earrings, Red Cabochon Stud Earrings, Winter Woods Part I Brooch and a Vintage Wrap Bangle... valued at $121.00!

What you need to do is comment this entry with the following:
1: "What do you love most about Spring?" - answer this.
2: Tell me which item from the That Vintage Made It store that you adore the most.
3: Leave your email address at the bottom of your entry - please remember to do this!

You must do all of the three steps above, otherwise your entry will be no good!
Winner will be drawn Wednesday 8th September.
Good luck!

Strike A Pose.

I popped around to visit Nat & Stella yesterday, got the camera out and Stella was hamming it up - haha the first photo above, cracks me up - either a "thinking really hard" look or a "what chu lookin' at!" look... either way, adorable.

I did some retail therapy online last night - with a hidden agenda.
Stella is going to have a professional photographer take some photographs of her in the next few months, so the mission was to find a gorgeous blanket that would double as a "tummy-time" mat, cute frilly bloomers and some bold colour onesies. I can check all three items off the list now! She will look so cute!

Dainty Tea Jewellery.

I absolutely love resin jewellery.
So when I saw an old friend of mine upload some photos on facebook of her latest creations, I melted.

Erica has just opened up her first Etsy store: efk designs - and I just let her have her first sale! I treated myself to the dome white tea ring pictured above, yes it actually has tea in the resin! Perfect for me, right?
I could have bought the whole shop, I love it all!

Be sure to head on over and have a look, heart an item or five, or even better - buy!
Did I tell you that it is also Erica's birthday? What a fab day to open up shop!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A Visit From My Lovely Girls.

Whilst at Niche: All Wrapped Up, I had so many visitors - friends and family and old work mates and oh the list could go on! It was great to see everyone that made the trip to the market.
But yesterday afternoon, my day was made complete with a beautiful little visit from my amazingly wonderful friend Natalie and her daughter (my God-Daughter!) Stella!

I always am in absolute awe of Stella when I see her - each time I have a hold, I can instantly feel that she has grown and yes, just like her mama bear said - she is most certainly developing personality!

Oh dear, here comes the chicken noises again!

And It Is All Wrapped Up, For Now.

Please click for a closer look!

What a whirlwind Niche: All Wrapped Up was!
I barely had time to look up and speak to friends and family who came to visit - my stall was a constant hive of buzz and people! It was fantastic!
I am so thrilled to have been apart of this designers market again, I can't wait until the next one - already in planning mode - how keen am I?

I have worked out my figures and the final donation that That Vintage will be making to St Giles Tasmania from Niche: All Wrapped Up is a whopping $1045.00 - how insane is that!
So thankyou to absolutely everyone who walked through the door and proceeded to shop up a huge storm on the That Vintage stall.
It is because of all of you that the donation is so massive!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Faces Of Launceston.

This is Me.
Photography by Philip Kuruvita.

Wednesday evening saw the "grand" opening of Philip Kuruvita's latest exhibition - "Faces of Launceston: The Next Generation" at the Art Academy Gallery, Inveresk in Launceston. There was around 600 people at the opening - it was packed! So many familiar faces both "on" the wall and in the crowds.

The exhibition is on until October - but if you are planning to come to Niche: All Wrapped Up, you'll notice the stalls are dotted throughout the photographs - you can easily see my photograph, when you rock up to my stall - oh the irony!!

Niche: All Wrapped Up starts today, 10am - 4pm and again tomorrow same times - see my previous blog entry for more information.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ready To Roll.

(Mostly) everything is packed up and ready to be loaded into the car, heading to the venue to drop off ... and wait for tomorrow.
Niche: All Wrapped Up - is so close!
Tomorrow morning!

I will have trouble sleeping tonight, I always do before a big market event; I run through in my mind absolutely everything - have I got enough bags, did I make enough earrings, enough coin in my float... But tonight, I HAVE to switch off and not think and NOT make anymore jewellery! (Pfft - famous last words!)
Click the map for a closer look!
That Vintage will be located at the Inveresk Art Academy site.

There's A Party On The Hill Would You Like To Come?

Not so much a party but more like a giveaway!
The beautiful Holly from {create*loves} is hosting a That Vintage giveaway over at her blog - be sure to check it out and enter!
Thanks Holly x

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Finish the Job Off Properly.

My beautiful and ever so amazingly talented friend Sharnee Torrents has just delivered a box of her own handmade-hand-stamped gift cards, inspired by That Vintage for my stall at Niche: All Wrapped Up.
These will be priced at $3.00 per card, with $1.00 going directly to St Giles Tasmania!

So if you are buying gifts for friends and family at Niche: All Wrapped Up, be sure to finish the job properly and purchase a handmade gift card!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Pussy (in the) Willow.

My darling kitty Blossom, was wandering around my room, sniffing and trying to climb on to the piles of Pussy Willow that the beautiful Lauren from The Kings Meadows Florist, just delivered to my place.

I have so much Pussy Willow now!
It is amazing - I think our house is going to be decked out in vases of it - it's truly gorgeous, the colours and the texture - furry bits!

Little Birds Everywhere.

Beautiful birth announcement
Only the clever Miss James would come up with something so sweet!

A big beautiful congratulations to the gorgeous Miss James of
Bleubird Vintage, for the sweet arrival of her precious little fledgling, Gemma Bird - what a sweet delight!
Make sure you head over to their blog and check out their online store for some amazing vintage finds. One of my absolute favourites!

Stopping To Smell The Sweet Fleurs.

Fleur Rings.

I am slowly but surely climbing and conquering the mountain of jewellery ready for Niche: All Wrapped Up this Friday and Saturday.
I can't believe how quickly the event has come around! I am so excited! I have a huge target that I want to reach in order to donate a huge total to St Giles Tasmania - just so you know, it is 20% of profits after the event, from each stall holder that is donated to St Giles - what a fantastic cause!

So even if you feel a little guilty about buying something for yourself, don't! Because you are also helping out
St Giles - fantastic organisation helping out those with disabilities.

Wrap The Winner Up.

And the lovely lucky person who's number was randomly drawn to win one of the Woodgrain Wrap Bangles is...
Foxes Shop!

Thanks to all who entered, blogged and tweeted about this giveaway - it means a lot to me that you are all so "into" it - stay tuned, I heard a whisper that there are a couple more giveaways waiting in the wings!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Warm and Fuzzy.

A little sneak peek into what's new for That Vintage... a new love combination of wood and felt!
The Rabbit Love Felt & Wood Brooch comes in two colours, cloud (pictured) and mottled grey, backed onto my favourite wood - warm Tasmanian Myrtle.
I am hoping to have these finished, ready for Niche: All Wrapped Up next week, fingers and toes crossed!

All For The Love.

I love hearing about the occasions that people are wearing my jewellery at - last night I received an order from my Made It store and the message from the buyer stated that she needed her goods posted to her pronto - because she was planning on wearing the Winter Woods Part II Pendant on her Wedding day!
How amazing.
I have asked if she could send me some photographs if this happens - aw, are you feeling the love?

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Change of Tree.

Wooden Stud Earrings.

I love it when I remove the protective tape off freshly cut pieces to reveal the colouring of the wood - each Myrtle piece is slightly different, as you can see in the picture above - some pieces have a darker deep grain, others have a lighter grain which catches the light.

Nature, you are wonderful and mysterious!

A Sweet Pea Tree for Stella Winter.

Stella Winter
6 weeks old
being cuddled & photographed by her mama bear, Natalie.

Check out the little booties on Stella's feet...
They finally fit her! I bought her four pairs of them.
At $10US a pair (for the new born size) I thought they were absolutely worth it. You can check out
Sweet Pea Tree's Etsy store, click on their sold items and browse through what they have sold - send them a convo and tell them I sent you, they are more than willing to do custom orders!
These would make a great baby shower gift - they are bright, warm and handmade with loads of love!

Keeping Up Appearances.

It certainly helps having friends in all the right places.
For example, I have Zakk Goodsell - who takes amazing photographs...
I also have Marcus Bendall - who is a clever fella on the computer doing creative design bits and pieces.
I utilised both of their talents to create a promotional postcard for Niche: All Wrapped Up.
The finished product is so impressive, I kind of don't want to give them away!
A lot of my friends who I have shown the postcards to - or who have been lucky enough to score one - have said how professional the end product looks and the tying together of the label; and to be honest, I am proud. I am not ashamed to be proud of all my hard work with That Vintage and proud of the friends I have who host an abundance of talent within themselves!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

New Camera.

Vintage Wrap Bangles - for Niche: All Wrapped Up.

After weeks of waiting for my Olympus camera to be repaired, I found out that it was going to cost me the exact same amount that I paid for the camera, brand new. So bye-bye old camera.
Hello new camera!
I bought a Canon PowerShot A490 and wow... it has impressed me already!

Time To Give.

Oh, hello there giveaway time.
It has been oh so long...
Yes, I do believe that it is time for another giveaway!

This time up for grabs is one of the Woodgrain Wrap Bangles - which are not available in stores nor online!
The only place you can purchase these darlings is in person at the Niche: All Wrapped Up market next weekend in Launceston - see my previous post for details.
But because I know alot of my followers are dotted all over this pretty planet... I figured it would be the perfect item to give away!

All you need to do is:

Comment this blog entry.
Right here.
Click comment.
Say Hello, introduce yourself if you are new follower!
And be sure to leave a contact email address - incase you are the lucky one!
Winner will be drawn by random.org and notified via email - drawn on Monday 23rd August.
Get to it!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello Anticipation.

My stock boxes are now looking rather plump, full and healthy! I have made up so much stock ready for Niche: All Wrapped Up next weekend (27th + 28th) - with it being a fundraiser for St Giles Tasmania, I hope to see you all there!

click for a closer look!

(W)rapping Away.

Churning out oodles of Wrap Bangles at the moment ready for next weekend's event - Niche: All Wrapped Up.
I have made too many to count and now have a constant cramp in my left hand - oh the joys of it!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Twenty Eight Sweet Days.

My oh my, where has this past month gone?!
Today marks week four of little Stella Winter being out in the big wide world, wowing everyone with her perfect little features and dainty little looks. (And also making her God-Mother, moi, extremely clucky!)
Happy one month birthday Stella, you gorgeous little bird!

Wrap Me Up.

Photograph by Zakk Goodsell
click for close up!

Also at NICHE: All Wrapped Up, will be the Wrap Bangles in three different prints. Vintage trim (circa 1973) woodgrain and damask in teal, lavender and black & white.
I have already had so many people put in orders for these already - I thought I had made enough of them for the market, but if they are already drumming up this much popularity before the event, eeek maybe I need to make more?!

Tiny. Little. Petite. Mini.

Photograph by Zakk Goodsell

These little stud earrings are super tiny and detailed, they remind me of those tiny little shells that look like mini-snail-shells, that you find on the beach!
Have made up four colours - mint, navy, black and burnt red - these will be for sale at NICHE: All Wrapped Up, here in Launceston at the end of this month - so excited!

A Furry German Moment.

Photograph by Zakk Goodsell

Zakk decided that Blossom's fur was the perfect background for the German Vintage Cabochon Rings - these will be available at NICHE: All Wrapped Up, 27th & 28th August, here in Launceston. More information about the market will be announced soon!

Here Kitty, Kitty.

Photograph by Zakk Goodsell

Zakk came around the the "House of That Vintage" yesterday and we shared a cup of tea, a cupcake and some afternoon sunlight - he took some photographs of a few That Vintage pieces. My favourite photograph, with my beautiful baby cat, Blossom - pictured above. Blossom is "modeling" a pair of the Winter Woods Part I Earrings.

I think she is giving Zakk her best blue steel look possible!

Monday, August 2, 2010

Floral Love.

Inspired by the beautiful resin bangle by Oscar & Matilda on Made It, pictured above, I decided to do some further hunting around on Made It for more vintage-floral inspired pieces, these are my top finds...
eco friendly dress by redtreedesigns - the ava dress by whosfrank
vintage floral elephants by babysroom - french carousel bloomer shorts by oopsidasi