Saturday, August 28, 2010

And It Is All Wrapped Up, For Now.

Please click for a closer look!

What a whirlwind Niche: All Wrapped Up was!
I barely had time to look up and speak to friends and family who came to visit - my stall was a constant hive of buzz and people! It was fantastic!
I am so thrilled to have been apart of this designers market again, I can't wait until the next one - already in planning mode - how keen am I?

I have worked out my figures and the final donation that That Vintage will be making to St Giles Tasmania from Niche: All Wrapped Up is a whopping $1045.00 - how insane is that!
So thankyou to absolutely everyone who walked through the door and proceeded to shop up a huge storm on the That Vintage stall.
It is because of all of you that the donation is so massive!


Kim W. said...

congrats! thats amazing! :)

Kellie Christie said...

That is fantastic Sophie!! Well Done :)

Anonymous said...

Awesome job beautiful girl - keep up the great work!! Nic xx

Rowena said...

CONGRATULATIONS Sophie you deserve all the success in the world! Great to be able to market to market with happy friendly talented people! xxx Rowena

red bamboo said...

Your stall looked awesome and was never free from a crowd of people clamouring for your goodies - and rightly so! Well done hon!
I am wearing my Foal Designs hat and your beautiful earrings and am feeling rather swish! Thanks!

Ness Lockyer said...

Well done Sophie. Your products are so amazing...and some of my favourite pieces! =0)
Ness xx

Kirsten (: said...

Well done (: my friend and i were at an excursion to the academy that friday and your stall was our facourite! (: my friend got some earings and i would of got a bracelet but i had no money :( love your work (: