Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dainty Tea Jewellery.

I absolutely love resin jewellery.
So when I saw an old friend of mine upload some photos on facebook of her latest creations, I melted.

Erica has just opened up her first Etsy store: efk designs - and I just let her have her first sale! I treated myself to the dome white tea ring pictured above, yes it actually has tea in the resin! Perfect for me, right?
I could have bought the whole shop, I love it all!

Be sure to head on over and have a look, heart an item or five, or even better - buy!
Did I tell you that it is also Erica's birthday? What a fab day to open up shop!


Emily Boyd said...

I do like tea set in resin, it looks so pretty. And I really like the brown rings your friend makes, it's a nice idea that they're brewing :)

You should have a look at Claire Lowe, who makes very nice Silver & Resin set Tea jewellery :) Seems like it's right up your alley :)


Amy said...

Oh, those are so great! I hearted one of them... if you like resin jewelry you should check out the carrotbox:

I've bought from her a TON over the past few years.

Erica O'Keeffe said...

Thanks Sophie, I'm so excited that your my first customer! :)

red bamboo said...

Once again, a great find! I'm in love with the green leafy bangle!