Monday, August 23, 2010

Stopping To Smell The Sweet Fleurs.

Fleur Rings.

I am slowly but surely climbing and conquering the mountain of jewellery ready for Niche: All Wrapped Up this Friday and Saturday.
I can't believe how quickly the event has come around! I am so excited! I have a huge target that I want to reach in order to donate a huge total to St Giles Tasmania - just so you know, it is 20% of profits after the event, from each stall holder that is donated to St Giles - what a fantastic cause!

So even if you feel a little guilty about buying something for yourself, don't! Because you are also helping out
St Giles - fantastic organisation helping out those with disabilities.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful rings :) Funny, I used to work for a packaging company called niche - brings back some memories :D

red bamboo said...

Loving these rings! Can see them as a great stamp design as well! See you in a few days.