Sunday, July 25, 2010

Pretty Little Fledgling.

Oh my.
Can anyone hear chicken cluckin' in the distance?
Yes? Okay, so let me explain - this is my beyond perfect God-Daughter Stella Winter Gearman, 2 & 1/2 weeks old, wearing one of the little "onesie" outfits that I "prettied" up with a hand-sewn birdy shape.

Excuse me whilst I go cluck and ruffle up my hen-feathers in the corner.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Winter Warmth.

Click on the images for a closer look!
Photography by Zakk Goodsell.
Thanks to Claire for sharing her beauty with us, also thanks to "Nugget" - the incredibly stubborn horse for making it into only one photo, before bolting off to roll around in the dirt!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Photograph taken by Zakk Goodsell.

This is me, in the back of Zakk's car, in-between locations from last weeks photo shoot. I was cuddling the fur jacket because it was cold, and thanks to an energy drink, I was also over-stimulated... I kept saying "aaaaaaaaanimal" over and over...

Endless fits of giggles.
Got to love it.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tremble As The Frost Settles.

A sneak peak from yesterday's photoshoot with Zakk Goodsell.
Claire is beautiful, she was such a good model - unlike the horse named Nugget who bolted after one close up!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Petite Mon Ami.

I cracked the biggest hissy fits of all hissy fits this morning when I was doing my hair - my fringe just would not behave at all.
I had to pop into town to grab some last minute items for today's photoshoot - so I ducked up to my hairdresser and she squeezed me in for a "Fringe Remaster" - she gave me the cutest blunt fringe that I've ever had!
Bastille Day was yesterday, I know, but I didn't leave the house at all - so today, I am dressing rather French.
Oui! Tres chic!

Start Something, You Should Complete It.

I really want to do a cross-stitch piece for Stella's nursery, but I struggle with remembering back to Grade 3 at school, when we spent a week doing Christmas themed cross-stitches, trying to remember the process... eeep.
I don't know if I would be able to maintain a complex design, I think I'd prefer to try something simple, no complex patterns, one block colour... kind of like this...

Tiny Bunny Wall Wear by neawear.

I love how this is finished with an ornate frame, totally completes it.

Has anyone got any great links to tutorials on cross-stitch?

Got A Clutch On You.

A few items currently on my wish-list include a new clutch.
One that stands out from the rest.
In love with the few featured below... *hint hint*

Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashion Journal.

Get Crafty.
Yes - please do!

In the current issue of Fashion Journal, there is a super informative spread about shopping for handmade on the internet. Predominately featured is Made It - one of the places in which I sell That Vintage on - and wella! There we are! This was quite a surprise, I was aware that this was happening but in the whirlwind of the last few weeks, I had completely forgot!

Also, flick through a few more pages (quite literally, flick through online!) and you'll see the Single Bird Brooch getting some "FJ" lovin' sweet!
So head to the Fashion Journal website and click on "current issue" and have a flick through!

Some other truly amazing things are also featured - such as the likes of photographer Emily Abay collaborating with Bec Winnel in an amazing photoshoot/illustration delight with musical talent Bertie Blackman.

Little Bird.

I have been trying to make some free time for things other than That Vintage lately, as I feel a bit overwhelmed with days chock-a-block of orders and not much creating... so I am letting some of that creativity come out through dressing up some very cute and very tiny new born singles and body suits for Stella. These are 0000's and I think they are even a little too big for her! I am hand sewing on a fabric bird shape in heaps of different colours; I have found some little leggings to team up with the singlets, so I'm trying to match colours.
Sorry for the poor quality photo, this is off my phone - my real camera is currently out of action!

They Will Fly To You Freely.

Yes, yes they will.
Free shipping is currently on offer in the That Vintage Etsy store - this includes international orders!

Good Little Girl.

I got the pleasure of baby sitting my beautiful God-Daughter Stella Winter yesterday for a couple hours - she was so very well behaved, slept most of time, stirred once and had a little cry - of course this just meant she wanted some cuddles with her God-Mother (hehe) ... although she wasn't just content with a hum-of-a-song and gentle rocking; her mouth movements suggested otherwise, alas I had no milk to give but I did have a little pinky-finger... and she sucked on that and put her self back to sleep. Stella is the sweetest little girl ever. I am so in love!

Before Stella came along, I left some bits and pieces of That Vintage with her mother Nat, to play around with and make something special for the baby room - time got away from her and then Nat's father paid them a visit and whipped this little gorgeous mobile up from a couple of skewers, a bangle piece and some fishing line - amazing! It is gorgeous! It is being hung above the change table in the beautiful nursery... fits in perfectly with the "woodland" theme.

Needless to say, Stella Winter is an abundance of baby-goodness and an absolute inspiration for me right now - buzzing with so many amazing ideas!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stella Winter.

Hello world, this is Stella Winter.
New baby daughter for my good friends Natalie & Brad - and my very own God-Daughter.
Born 8th July, 6:13am - 6 pounds & 11 ounces.
Her fingernails are the size of a grain of rice, or smaller - she is so petite, sweet, beautiful and delightful.

I am in love!
Mother and baby are doing well... I want more snuggles!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Oh Minty!

The latest issue of Peppermint, doesn't smell minty-fresh, but it does have a smell in which I am addicted to - the one of awesomeness, creativity and originality!
I was curled up in bed last night and began to read the latest issue of Peppermint, when I opened up to the page where Kelley (editor) has her little spiel - and wow, a gorgeous photo just left of that... and Kelley is wearing the Bird Brooch that I sent her! Amazing... what a doll!

Make sure you get your copy of this issue - it's full of minty goodness!

Blossom, you will have fame, one day.

My baby cat Blossom, is now apart of the Whiskas Pledge...
I think those who are lovers of That Vintage should show their love for my beautiful feline model, Blossom.

Can you believe that this youthful little fluffy face is 16 years old?!
What a minx!