Monday, July 12, 2010

Fashion Journal.

Get Crafty.
Yes - please do!

In the current issue of Fashion Journal, there is a super informative spread about shopping for handmade on the internet. Predominately featured is Made It - one of the places in which I sell That Vintage on - and wella! There we are! This was quite a surprise, I was aware that this was happening but in the whirlwind of the last few weeks, I had completely forgot!

Also, flick through a few more pages (quite literally, flick through online!) and you'll see the Single Bird Brooch getting some "FJ" lovin' sweet!
So head to the Fashion Journal website and click on "current issue" and have a flick through!

Some other truly amazing things are also featured - such as the likes of photographer Emily Abay collaborating with Bec Winnel in an amazing photoshoot/illustration delight with musical talent Bertie Blackman.

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Rabbit and the Duck said...

Congrats on your double appearance! I was excited to see my tote bag and my purse in there too. A nice surprise!