Monday, July 12, 2010

Little Bird.

I have been trying to make some free time for things other than That Vintage lately, as I feel a bit overwhelmed with days chock-a-block of orders and not much creating... so I am letting some of that creativity come out through dressing up some very cute and very tiny new born singles and body suits for Stella. These are 0000's and I think they are even a little too big for her! I am hand sewing on a fabric bird shape in heaps of different colours; I have found some little leggings to team up with the singlets, so I'm trying to match colours.
Sorry for the poor quality photo, this is off my phone - my real camera is currently out of action!


Michelle said...

such a sweet idea! show us the finished sets when you are done please!

red bamboo said...

Gorgeous! I'm sure that Stella will be one groovily dressed bub!