Monday, July 12, 2010

Good Little Girl.

I got the pleasure of baby sitting my beautiful God-Daughter Stella Winter yesterday for a couple hours - she was so very well behaved, slept most of time, stirred once and had a little cry - of course this just meant she wanted some cuddles with her God-Mother (hehe) ... although she wasn't just content with a hum-of-a-song and gentle rocking; her mouth movements suggested otherwise, alas I had no milk to give but I did have a little pinky-finger... and she sucked on that and put her self back to sleep. Stella is the sweetest little girl ever. I am so in love!

Before Stella came along, I left some bits and pieces of That Vintage with her mother Nat, to play around with and make something special for the baby room - time got away from her and then Nat's father paid them a visit and whipped this little gorgeous mobile up from a couple of skewers, a bangle piece and some fishing line - amazing! It is gorgeous! It is being hung above the change table in the beautiful nursery... fits in perfectly with the "woodland" theme.

Needless to say, Stella Winter is an abundance of baby-goodness and an absolute inspiration for me right now - buzzing with so many amazing ideas!


felix and lily said...

She is so beautiful! And i simply love the mobile Nat's dad made, very talented and creative :)

rejenerate said...

That mobile is amazing! I think you should think about adding these to your product's quite hard to find mobiles that are a little bit different and not made of neon hunks of plastic!

I'm sure you can fit it in what with all your spare time he he