Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Delightful Day Of Love.

I adore it when people find That Vintage in photographs and are thoughtful enough to contact me and let me know - thanks to Julie from tractorgirl, I got to see two pieces of That Vintage worn in a beautiful 1950's themed wedding: the Winter Woods Part II Pendant and the Winter Woods Part II Earrings.
I remember when Shannon contacted me on Etsy and purchased these pieces - I was (and still am!) tickled pink that she wanted to wear them as apart of her wedding day!
The photographs are gorgeous, what a beautiful theme for a wedding and don't Shannon & Patrick look oh-so in love!
Photography by Harris Studios Boutique Photography - check them out!

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julie @ tractorgirl said...

thanks Sophie! Jodie Harris is an ace award-winning photographer, and she lives just down the road from me, so how good is all that!? And your pendant & earrings looked great on a very very happy Shannon x