Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Dainty Little Fledgling Reminder.

Stella Winter and her mama Natalie.

Faces like those pictured above, warm my heart so much!
And from that warming, comes a little buzz... the buzz of inspiration.

Since Stella arrived, life has been a whirlwind - so many things have happened, progressed and regressed, steps forward and backward, but one look at her little face and I am instantly reminded of the beauty in new life.
Stella has inspired the Spring range - nicknamed "Dainty Little Fledgling" - featuring baby wrens, strong deer walking with little wren friends, sweet doves of peace, lace, wrought iron, doilies and Spring branches - everything that Stella makes me think of!

Big Friend, Little Friend - Walk With Me Necklace

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red bamboo said...

What lovely inspiration for you!