Thursday, January 17, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Colour.

I am a sucker for colour, I mean, who isn't?  I swing between neutrals like khaki and fawn, to bright licks of chartreuse and watermelon, oh and of course my colour crush of fresh mint and the occasional hint of mustard.  My wardrobe sometimes looks like a rainbow threw up in it (nice visual huh!) but I almost always wear black on my bottom half.  Yep, keep it simple down low, go nuts up top - and it works; not only does something always go with a pair of black skinny jeans, but tops are relatively a lot cheaper than bottoms!

So, with this intense love of colour and experimenting with mixing hues together, I have finally... yes, finally, finalised the complete colour range available with the That Vintage Imprinted Clay Earrings.
The list of colours:
Cement Grey, Mustard Yellow, Sage Green, Sunshine Yellow, Tangerine Orange, Electric Blue, Caramel Brown, Sky Blue, Lipstick Pink, Fresh Mint, Lavender Purple, Musk Pink, Cherry Red and Baby Blue.  Phew!
And available in four prints... for now...
Sweet Dove, Morocco, Valentine Vine and Fan.
I believe this range will grow shortly... *hint hint*

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