Thursday, January 17, 2013

Releasing the Fledgling.

Something I have always wanted to experience is the feeling brought on by my drawings, my artwork, being loved and appreciated by people other than my immediate family and friends.  I guess you could say that I have achieved this with That Vintage - but I think this goal is more about the raw side of my creativity - the drawings on wood, not the finished jewellery product.

With saying that, I have embarked on one of my goals for this year - gearing up my drawings ready for sale online.  My great friends Clint & Beth from Clint & Bethanie Photography and Film, came around yesterday afternoon to do a photo shoot of the drawings I have had banked up for over six months now.  I trust these two, their work is immaculate, intimate and of the highest quality - I am pretty keen to work with them again in the very near future!
Stay tuned for when the artwork fledglings will be released into the online world!

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Elle said...

I am excited to see the photos - your art is beautiful!