Saturday, August 3, 2013

Bright And Cheery.

Well... as I opened up the blog to begin writing this entry, the view outside looked like a bright "Spring" day, but as soon as I began typing, the clouds came over and the idea of Spring is once again, pushed away. 
Being in the thick of winter, sometimes you can find yourself in a little bit of a stinky funk.  The type of stinky funk that rains on your normal happy parade full of energy, inspiration and all things happy.  I love winter, I love the cooler weather, wearing knits, snuggling under warm blankets with my kitty and sipping cup after cup of tea.
But I am well and truly ready for Spring and all the goodness it brings.
The new.

The fresh.
The bright.

As I wrap up some orders from this weekend, I notice my own colour palate has begun to change - bold snaps of hot pink and sun-shining yellow have drawn me towards them, leaving the muted grey and brown tones behind.  
Change is coming... bring it!
Happy Sunday everyone x

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