Monday, March 18, 2013

Art Deco, Lace and Valentine Kiss.

I completed a stock count earlier this week to work out what I needed to make the most of for Finders Keepers next month and to my surprise, I have been chipping away in great amounts and not realising it!  The wooden range is completely full - I really do not need to make anything more to take with me, this is yet another one of those high-five moments.
Reflecting on the last two market events of 2012, it is without a doubt that the item being snapped up the most at the market stall is the That Vintage Imprinted Clay earrings. 
These come in a huge rainbow of colours and now, seven different prints!  I have just finished working out three new prints to add to the range, which are pictured above: Art Deco, Lace and Valentine Kiss.
How do these prints come about, I hear you say?
I roll out the clay, mix up the chosen colour - in this case above, this is Sage Green, a mix of a mossy green with a smidgen of white.  I then use the wooden pieces that have been laser cut with the That Vintage designs and press the print into the small balls of clay.  This works well as the clay rarely sticks to the wood; when the wood starts to get a build up of clay residue, I simply wipe the wood clean with a damp cloth.
I don't use any rubber stamps or anything like that - these imprints are all part of the That Vintage range, in which ties together the wooden range with the clay range.
You can find some of the earrings for sale in the Etsy store.


Lapin Lune said...

Really interesting to know how these pieces are made. I love my earrings and always get nice comments on them!

Vickie said...

the earrings are gorgeous :)