Sunday, March 17, 2013

Finding Out About The Keepers.

I thought I would share with you the faces of who will be at the That Vintage stall at Finders Keepers, Melbourne!
Of course I'll be there, probably a little frazzled which is a given when flying interstate to do a big market event, but I'll shake those sillies away and embrace the event, enjoying every single moment! 
The sweet Katie will be rockin' it by my side - this is Katie's first time working at the Finders Keepers event.  This year I decided to seek the helping hands of someone new, someone who is creative also and someone who is willing to sacrifice their Friday and Saturday to hang out with me, my jewellery and the masses of crowds!  I was lucky that Katie was super keen with the proposal and I am very excited to have her on board.
If you are coming along to the event, please don't be shy!  Say hello and tell me if you read the blog or if you are accumulating a collection of That Vintage pieces!  I love to meet those who support That Vintage, who adore it and appreciate all the time and energy that goes into my little brand.

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