Wednesday, July 15, 2009

For Dora.

(Not the explorer.)

This feature is inspired by Dick & Dora's "Square Eye's" brooch... retro funk!

I would certainly sit myself in front of that box any day!
Check out their blog -

It seems that retro is making a come back, fast and furious and with such a kitschy vengeance. I dig this. It's not my sort of design-line, but I dig what is being created and more so, reinvented.

The appreciation of patterned vinyl (shout out to Loz and Dinny's vinyl coin purses in which I am a proud owner of one!) and the re-discovered love for shag piles, brings the photographs to life, of my mother in her early 20's - the house parties and crazy furniture pictured. Need I say anymore - let alone about the hairstyles!

Vintage Vinyl Coin Purses by Loz and Dinny

Oh... and yes, my household didn't quite escape the return of retro - we had a gorgeous green (modern) shag pile, but due to the big black labrador dog that we have, Mr Jazz, sneaking into the house and taking quite a liking to the "shag" (haha!) the mod-shag has now been tipped, my money is on the Launceston Council Tip... hmmph!

Type Writer necklace by CuteAbility

Old School Bicycle tshirt by happyfamily

Retro 70's Telephone necklace by bunnylogic

Bicycle pendant by pinktophat


gemma @ loz and dinny said...

You are such a gem, Sophie! And such eye candy here for the vintage partial! Brown owls is going to be a good one this month ... any time you want my lame machine applique technique demonstration - I'll show how you shouldn't do it...ha!

Dick and Dora said...

You make me laugh!

Isis said...

how awesome is that old school bicycle (on the tshirt)??

awww i miss my bicycle...

Little Twig said...

Hello Sophie!
Thank you for your lovely comment on our blog. We have seen your work at the market here in Hobart and your designs are very beautiful! Good luck and happy making!

Stacey said...

television clever, love retro and love tv :)