Sunday, July 26, 2009

I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends

Megan & I

One of my dearest friend's Megan, has been around for the entire evolution of That Vintage, so much so that she has her own extensive collection and I always give her lots of goodies, which I know she appreciates!

This certainly pays off, because I love seeing her wearing my wooden necklaces and it has now become a bit of game in my mind: "Guess what necklace she is wearing?"

Last Saturday was her boyfriend's birthday lunch and I actually rang her before I went down to the venue, to see which necklace she was wearing so that I wouldn't wear the same! It would be quite amusing if we rocked up wearing the same pendant... haha.

We all went back and partied on at her house and some of her soccer team mates came around too. And then it started...
"Ohhhh you're THAT VINTAGE girl!"
"I have a bird brooch!"
"I love your earrings!" ... locally famous. I love it!
But most of all, I love my friend Megan!

Now, the creativity vibe must run through our family...

During the wee early hours of Saturday morning, Jazz (our black labrador) decided to go for a wander up to the building sites in our street.

In true artist fashion, he must have found a tin of white paint... hmm, nevertheless we now don't own a black labrador, but a try hard dalmatian.

Good boy... oh what a boy!


Lrc said...

hehe i like how your dog decorated himself with the paint! friends are some of the best promoters ever...

Melinda said...

Gee, does it come off, or do you wait till it falls off.

Sophie said...

It has started to flake off... we tried to wash him with every bloomin' concoction possible - failed! So I guess we just have to wait until flakes off... unless someone has any suggestions on how to get house paint off a black dog?!!!

red bamboo said...

Hey Sophie, if your dog is still coverd in paint - try a a half and half mix of liquid deterent and olive oil. The oil helps the detergent get 'under' the paint and should help get him clean again!
Great to hear your goodies are reaching the masses too!