Monday, July 13, 2009

Hello Lil' Hooter!

I. Am. Excited.

Buzzing with so many ideas, picked out some new fabric which is a gorgeous organic jersey in plum and cranberry - and the evolution of the Messy Bird Wrap... just you wait!

Oh and how could I forget... the eagerness to be apart of the super cool clique Brown Owls..!

I am going to nickname myself as That Vintage Owl.

How original? More like, how fitting!

Kind of like this, except less blue and more human.

I was prowling Etsy in the early hours of this morning, (because that is what you do when sleep has gone walkies) and found joodito - I am so inspired to sew ...SEW! Such cool designs, I am right into anything asymetrical at the moment - ever since I bought the asymetrical leather jacket from my bread and butter job... ha!

I am smitten with grey. Yet it is not far until Spring pops itself on our doorsteps, so I am holding off on using any grey... until next winter... maybe... but for now, plum and cranberry rule the roost at That Vintage! Even my mama bear agrees! And she has impeccable tastes. Yep yep!

Oh and a massive tweetin' hello to Suze & Arj (Black Eyed Susie) - I have been spoilt with two little sightings of the darling pair, Arj is beautiful... I was clucky at the market on Saturday when I first saw him, but today I swooned over his big bright eyes looking around Cocoon... what a treasure!


muchlove said...

Very cool clothing designs. I love that it's from salvaged materials, yet the designs are so modern and contemporary.

Lrc said...

cool indeed! they look very wearable and yet modern

Black Eyed Susie said...

Aw, thanks Sophie. I'm sure he liked you too!