Monday, November 16, 2009

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

...maybe no Chicken Dinner, but there certainly is a Winner Winner!

I had to consult my man for help with this one, as I was stuck with way too much party food going around in my head. Cheezels on fingers, little savaloys and buckets of tomato sauce, musk sticks, fairy bread, licorice allsorts, ice cream cake... and lots of fizzy (bad!) drink - drooling yet? I am!

Just like when you play Pass-The-Parcel or Pin The Tail On The Donkey ...or even have an Egg & Spoon Race at your party, there can only be one winner. (Unless tears well up and the children throw tantrums - that is the only time when everyone is a winner... please, no tantrums! I can't deal with that!)

Congratulations to lucyrouge - the re-telling of your Craft Party memories made me long for Macaroni Necklaces and Fingerpaint... oh and you totally nailed it with the Ninja Turtles - way to go! Which one were you? I always wanted to be Rafaello!

"My most memorable birthday was my 9th when I had a CRAFT PARTY. It was awesome. We made potpourri and lace wall hangers and these little 3D pictures using double-sided tape. I think there was also some sort of intense icy pole stick and PVA glue construction going on. For my present everyone brought me a little something to go in my craft box. I got the cutest buttons and lots of lace and even some puff paint (so cool in the early 90's). So yes, that was my most memorable birthday... until the next year when I had a Ninja Turtles party."

The Wren Earrings are all yours Lucy!

Thanks to everyone who entered it and helped celebrate my birthday through reminicsing! Next Giveaway will be sprinkled with tinsel and the big echoey sounds of "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

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Teneale said...

Well done Lucy ! I'm going to go buy some now at Nook :p

xo Teneale