Saturday, March 28, 2009

Marigold - glorious marigold.

I love searching by a random colour or word on Etsy - and seeing what comes about in the search.
I actually have a fabric in my collection now which I think I would call the colour of "marigold." It is beautiful, a really warm yellow - very autumnal. I also love how the word "marigold" rolls off your tongue... I love words!

So here is the result of my search on, using the word "marigold."

marigold yellow orchid hair clip by prudeandprudence $12.00US
I just adore the softness of this piece - so delicate both in texture and colour.

marigold silk ruffle cuff by folk $15.00US
The beautiful big buttons on this cuff totally drew me in - what a feature!

the petal bag, marigold by quejimenez $245.00US
Oh, this bag is something out of my dreams - beautiful shape, beautiful colour, imagine the places that this bag could take you... Dorothy style, down the yellow brick road!

ascot stripe pillow by shopatten $25.00US
The print of the pillow makes me think it belongs in the beach-side shack, it'd be something you'd rest your head on in the sunshine, close your eyes and open your ears to listen for the waves on hitting the shore.

chenille burp cloth in marigold by babymomo $7.00US
Burping a baby in style - so cute!

glossy marigold dots by treanelli $32.00US
How funky are these - simple yet so funky... hit the spot!

marigold feather fascinator by kristenfountaindavis $14.00US
This is to die for. Perfect. The colour and the texture of the feather go hand in hand - and what about that cute little embellishment!

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