Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Newest Additions to Etsy

I have just uploaded some new items into my store and there are still a few others to come. These are the new Autumn colours - soft musky lavender, glorious marigold and the bluegum leaf... ahh! Bring on the colder weather!

I will also be adding new bird pendants - in a slightly larger size and in Tasmanian Myrtle wood - which is now going to be my default choice of wood as I am so in love with its red, warm and moody colouring.

Lavender Earrings - $6.80US

Bluegum Leaf Earrings - $6.80US

Marigold Earrings - $6.80US


Katherine said...

I might have to hate you. I've so be wanting to do more with Marigold lately!

That coupled with a pair getting eyeliner all over them in my makeup bag (stupid me) means I will be ordering again after my paycheck next week!

Steve Javiel said...

beautiful color