Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Blossom Gets Her Modelling On - Again!

After much deliberation of new models for That Vintage - Blossom kindly offered to do another photoshoot with the new bird pendants. The only condition that she requested, was that she could bask in the glory of the sunshine will on set. Pfft - As if I am going to argue with the diva that is Blossom!

She is such a natural - her poses are really unique and defined - Look out Australia's Next Top Model! MEOW!


Dick and Dora said...

Hi Sophie,
I'm looking forward to meeting you at Niche. Your work is lovely.
Best wishes
Harriet @ Dick & Dora

Sophie said...

Thanks for the comment Harriet - I scored one of your red bird brooches for my 20th birthday and love it to bits! It'll be such a delight to be around such creative people at Niche - can't wait :o) have a great Easter!