Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Change Of Seasons

Right now, it should be a lot colder than it actually is.
I shouldn't complain - the warm weather is lovely... the sun still beaming heat is great - but I am a sucker for Autumn colours, cool weather and being able to rug up in the most luxurious of knits, coats, gloves, scarves and all things snuggable...!

Thread Den in North Melbourne gave me an idea after receiving an email regarding marking down the prices of "last season" stock - even though my pieces are generally all year round designs... it sparked a challenge within me to get the Autumn hat on, surround myself with burnt orange, deep vermillion, chocolate, mushroom and all things wood... and get inspired.

So below is a collection of my current pieces which are starting to reflect the change of season here in Australia.

Be sure to check back soon for my new "stitched up" button brooches and more bold coloured earrings!

In other news - Looks like I will be heading back to Melbourne sooner than I thought! I have been approached by a creative lady from a group called Artists On The Move and there is the potential for me to exhibit my pieces with them on their special exhibit days - a high end exhibition of Australian designers and artists, greeting those who walk through the door with a glass of wine - sounds just like it is right up my alley! The first one will be held in Middle Park, Melbourne on the 3rd of May - which is a Sunday. Fingers crossed that my funds can allow me to head to this one, but if not, I intend to make an appearance at the next one!

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