Thursday, October 29, 2009

Where Does The Good Go?

Etsy has gone nuts in the last 24 hours.
That'd be right, as soon as I put up my holiday notice, I get swamped with orders! Yes, I'm going on holiday. Again... For a week, to where the good sorts go.
New Zealand, of course! (My father land!)

I am looking forward to having a break - a proper break, no bread & butter job, no jewellery making! Time to catch up with family and just zone out for a week, before coming back to the mayhem of the silly season! So much to do when I return (already!) orders to fill and more stock making for The Niche Market.

Pair of Birds Pendant
Model - Brooke Saward
Photography - Ebony Bejah

I have sold, relisted and sold the Pair Of Birds pendant a few times this week - turning out to be pretty popular! Check out my Etsy store - I have made the photos from the shoot as the default images for a temporary change... I like it, gives my store a different feel!

Ebony is about to drop off another disc of images from a shoot she did with another model, Jessica Curran - the wooden earrings are featured in this shoot! So stay tuned, I'll be blogging about that next, no doubt!

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