Saturday, April 14, 2012

Coming Up This Week.

Oh yes... the wait is nearly over people!
This week is Finders Keepers week!
If you haven't been to a Finders Keepers market event, ever, then you are missing out. This even in Melbourne is going to be their biggest to date - with over 120 stalls to make you starry eyed and giddy with handmade goodness - be sure to come cashed up and armed with a tote bag!
Here are the facts:
WHAT: Finders Keepers market
WHERE: Royal Exhibition Building, Carlton
WHEN: Friday 20th April 6pm-10pm & Saturday 21st April 10am-5pm

See you there!


Eatlovemerry said...

Lovely! Currently having a iphone case giveaway! There is case like fifi lapin and others :)

Veggie Mama said...

Oh god, why can't the Sunshine Coast get its act together? Why can't I live in Melbourne? I WANT A FINDERS KEEPERS MARKET GODDAMMIT!