Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Breaking The Comfort Zone.

Yesterday, I was standing before a perfectly lined up colourful display of pencils.  I was overwhelmed and excited by all the colours but at $2.95 each, I couldn't justify one of every colour as there were easily over 50 to choose from!
I settled for six, knowing I'd be back to add more to the collection.
I'm not sure what I was thinking when selecting the colours - two browns, two blues, orange and red.  Normally I'd play it safe and opt for as many skin tone or neutral shades as possible, but this time I am glad I didn't!
I didn't plan to do a drawing in particular with the pencils.  I left them sitting on my desk, occasionally I'd pick one up and gradually shade in a piece of note paper - I was tentative about using them.  Until this afternoon!
I broke my comfort zone and the below drawing was the outcome - not a graphite in sight!

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Unknown said...

You drew that!?! That's lovely! It's good to break out occasionally isn't it?