Saturday, February 28, 2009

Feature Model - Blossom the Birman

Introducing Blossom

So if you have checked out my listings on you would have noticed that I have a number of models, showing off my pieces.

There is Sara-Jane (check out the earring listings), Charli (check out the earring and bird pendant listings), Myself (large pair of birds pendant listing) and the number one model in the World of That Vintage...

15 year old Birman

I sat down with Blossom, in her favourite room - the Art Room, basking in the sunshine and popped a couple questions her way.

: "How long have you been modelling for That Vintage?"

: "It has been about 9 months now... the time has gone by so fast, so many great shots have been snapped by the photographer - I barely have to lift a finger... make that paw!"

: "Are the shoots good fun? Or do you find them mentally, physically and emotionally draining?"

: "Some of my family members call me Blossom The Bitch, in a loving humorous way - but I actually do think I can be quite the Drama Queen - some of the shoots, I have to meow my way through them to help get me in the zone. I once demanded a bribe."

: "And what was this bribe?"

: "A tin of Sardines."

: "Oh... yum?"

: "Yes, they were delicious, but I wasn't allowed to eat on the set of the photoshoot - it was almost like dangling the carrot in front of the donkey... except I had a partially opened tin of Sardines."

: "Any more exciting modeling ventures coming up?"

: "I'd love to do a shoot with the new That Vintage Bird Bags that are being released soon. I'd like to see myself being carried around in them - Paris Hilton & Tinkerbell style."

Sophie: "Sardine's going to be the bribe again?"
: "Yes, Sardines and a saucer of thickened cream... yum"

We left the interview there, Blossom went off into a dazed state of purring... oh the life of a Model Cat!


Jeanne said...

I need to learn from you on taking photos of animals - - They are usually very hard to get to cooperate. I got 2 good shots out of several hundred when I was phtoing a friend's puppy.

Lrc said...

Dogs have owners and cats have staff...and they don't like to stay still. I remember sketching my cats and how tricky it is to capture those passing poses. Good job on your patience with your diva cat!

Greer (MefeArt) said...

Your cat is soooo beautiful

cappy sue creations said...

I love your cats and your jewelry what a original way to show off your goods.

Roots and Feathers said...

thanks for sending me this link, that was so adorable, your cat sounds like a lazy worker! but she gets the job done, ha ha! she is so pretty, and i know what you mean about being lost without her!