Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Drama Queen, Drama Lover

Call me hopelessly devoted to Australian drama... and well, truth be known... I wouldn't argue with you!

I watch Home & Away religiously every weekday night and my favourite character is Belle Taylor (Jessica Tovey) - as you may or may not know (living under a rock?) Belle has just passed away on the show from cancer. I will in some ways miss Belle as a character, but even more so Jessica herself - her style is awesome and even my mum sees bits of flair from her on-and-off-screen style in myself.

So whilst blubbering like a sobbing sad sack at the funeral episode tonight, I googled some images of Jessica Tovey and below are my fave picks.

Blazer and high waisted skirt in black - yes, yes, yes! Love this!

If I had my time over again with school balls and formals, I would probably wear something very similar to this - perhaps I may just find some random excuse to warrant purchasing a dress like this, right now?

Tights and boots and long tops/short dresses = I would live in!

I really dig her hair in the photo, love the out-grown fringe and the natural wave in her hair, it's a shame that I am in a serious relationship with my hair straightener - so much so that I doubt I could or would know how to do a do like this!


Anon said...

Know what you mean. I was just having a discussion with my hairdresser today about how - despite my hair's natural tendency to wave and kink - I have no ability to sport a messy 'do'. All I know how to do is straighten!

Dick and Dora said...

Hi Sophie,
Can you shoot me an email to dickanddora@dickanddora.com? I've misplaced your email address and I wanna talk turkey! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Use the straightener to make curls...for some reason i feel like a yoda flash back. use the force luke