Friday, March 5, 2010

Catching Up...

More and more lately, I have been finding it incredibly hard to catch up on everything.
My email inbox is swamped and has no order whatsoever, and takes a good five minutes to search through and find an email that I should have replied to hours before...
I'm hoping the organisational Fairy does her rounds this weekend and fixes that up for me! Pronto!

I turned 23 last November and was dreaming of some bling for my finger from my family - well after a lot of fluffing around with Pandora and being heartbroken over not receiving my first pick - I cut my loses and hocked up the money in my account until I found THE perfect ring.

I finally found it.
Italian handmade, 9ct gold with a mix of sterling silver - HANDMADE!
They didn't have my size and couldn't resize the one they in store as it was too much of a risk with the melting of gold and silver - so they ordered me another one from Italy... 2 months later, I finally have it!
I imagine the little ol' silversmith Italian man, hunched over his workspace with a magnifying glass and the warm Italian sun shining through cracks of his wooden board studio - an olive tree lined pathway to its door. I am probably so wrong in my imagery, but hey, it works for me!

I haven't been feeling very photogenic of late, but I snapped this shot of me wearing my new Cowl Neck Dress from Replicca - I LOVE IT!
It fits in all the right places, and being a cowl neck, I have something to play with!
The neck looks lovely open, but also looks great fastened over with a brooch - namely my Pair Of Birds brooch... hehe!


Roots and Feathers said...

my inbox is the same way! eeeek! and so are my photos, i cant find anything im looking for anymore!

Raewyn said...

Love that dress!!!

Artist/Painter said...

I have been looking for THAT ring!!! Can you please pass a link or something along to me so that I can look into getting one for myself! I have been dreaming of that ring!