Sunday, November 28, 2010

Red Star Gingerbird.

bird cookie-cutter by biskart

I attempted my very first batch of gingerbread today using a recipe from - let's just say, after a lot of kitchen mess and red-food-dye-washing-up-water... the end result is just above okay. (So tough on myself!)

They taste fine, but I prefer gingerbread to be a bit more spiced/ginger-ed, I think this recipe was "child-friendly" - so next time I'll be adding a bit more to the recipe.
I failed at the icing - I can never master icing - if anyone has a great recipe, please let me know - I ended up colouring some marzipan and using my mini-star cookie cutter, to patch up the terrible icing attempt.
At least I can now say - "I've made gingerbread before."
Might stick to fudge making though...ha!


Tam said...

looks awesome soph!

know what you mean about the gingerbread recipe. hard to find a good one. i think i like my stephanie alexander the cook's companion one the best.

as for the icing, i made biscuits for my birthday and covered them with Orchard White Icing. i rolled it thinly then cut it out with a shaped cookie cutter then stuck it on the biscuit with a small dollop of royale icing.

i thought they would taste really sickly sweet but they were surprisingly yummy :)

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Aw, that's still really cute though!