Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas At That Vintage HQ.

This year saw the very first exclusive That Vintage Christmas Shopping Evening happen last week, on an unsettled (weather) Friday evening - tasty delights and thirst quenches were on offer and of course, the one-on-one shopping experience ...and boy, did my sweet That Vintage lovers shop up one heck of a storm!
At first, I wasn't too fussed about whether or not people bought anything - I was happy to treat my closest friends and admirers to an evening of Christmas cheer.
The living area of my home was chock-a-block with people - seats were snapped up quickly and the conversation volume shot up!
Such a buzz.
Many people have requested this to be an annual event - oh my goodness, how I would love it to be!


Lauren said...

Thank you again for the invite,
It was a wonderful evening!! xx

red bamboo said...

Great idea! We have a friend in Brisbane that does similar evening fairly regularly and it always goes really well.
Sorry I missed it!