Wednesday, December 15, 2010


It has er, been a fair few days since I last blogged. Oh dear.
But you know what. It's not because I haven't had anything worth blogging about, I actually have a very very very good reason.
I have been busy.
You know that thing? Where you find it hard to cram so much into your already action packed days? You know how it is, juggling work life, social life, hobby life, love life, life life... I should just join a circus, because I survived my juggling act!

This year has been incredible.

I have experienced so much with That Vintage this year - and now I really am feeling the love from my following of lovers!
Thanks to each and every single one of you for loving and adoring That Vintage - see you in 2011, for some amazing new adventures!

Merry Christmas!


Ness Lockyer said...

Yes you have come along way Sophie. Your products just keep getting more amazing with each new design you release and you just have to look at how successful you are at the markets to see you are on a winner here.
Cant wait to see what '11 has in store for you.
Ness xx

jojo's buttons said...

I love love love your designs!! Talent that I don't have... but I'm great at doodling! hehe Keep up with the fantastic work!

I saw your stuff at Spoilt in Melbourne and have been following your blog ever since.

You're awesome! =)