Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Flick Over To Channel Calm.

A little preview of the new space.

Having my "bread & butter" job in retail, has meant that I haven't really had holidays (so to speak) over the festive season - but I did have today free from work - yippee!

I spent today with my mother, we drove the 60+ km's to Campbell Town and did some serious shopping at the gorgeous shop called Coco Blue. (Not even kidding you, this shop alone is worth the drive!)
At Coco Blue, I finally found a cushion in the perfect colour to match the new space for That Vintage - plus a gorgeous jewellery chest/cabinet - but more on that later!
The colour theme I've gone for is a cool blue - very similar to that of "duck egg blue" - white and wood/wicker - the walls are white, and although my mother is trying to persuade me to do some wall-papering ...I must resist the urge!
The room is rather narrow - but I *have* to keep reminding myself that I make jewellery, not furniture - so a huge space is not required!

A few final things such as lights, organising of absolutely everything and a shelf over the work bench - which we are in the process of varnishing - and the space should be ready for "use" in the next two weeks...
I can not wait!


Lisa said...

Love that gorgeous blue. Can't wait to see the finished product.

Blue Eyed Night Owl said...

Such pretty colors!
Having a room for my crafts alone is one of my biggest dreams. You must be very excited:)

Katie said...

the colors are pretty! i'm excited for you :)

red bamboo said...

Looks and sounds great! It makes such a difference when your space is somewhere you enjoy being. Looking forward to more photos.