Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Labrador Blue & White Washed Love.

A few more photos from the makeover of the new creative space...
Last night my mother and I dug around the shed for a particular colour of paint that we used in the house about six years ago - Labrador Blue - and bingo, we found it. We then attacked one of the old torso mannequins that we had lying around - and wella! Doesn't she look beautiful?!

The other show-and-tell piece is my treasure find of the jewellery chest/cabinet from Coco Blue in Campbell Town. I love the white-washed look, it's a bit rough to touch but still functional!


Cate Lawrence said...

Looks fantastic! Such a great colour

The Party Hub said...

Dont you love Coco Blue! I make trips to Campbell Town just to visit that shop myself! Love!