Wednesday, August 17, 2011

It Is Almost Here!

Gee, where has the time gone!
Niche: All Wrapped Up is almost here again - everything has been checked and double checked - all that is left to do is pack the car and play "set up shop" - which is my ultimate favourite! I have a huge liking for visual merchandising and can not wait to put some of the new ideas that my good friend Lauren and I have come up with - oooh! Expect plenty of photos on the blog after the event - but why not come check it out if you are in this neck of the woods!

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Sharnee Torrents said...

Oh HELLO LOVELY! I'm soooo bummed that I couldn't go to this! What's that new gorgeousness that I spy?? We are currently in NSW having the bestest holiday so I'll have to look our for your goodies at the next market!
Hugs and smiles
Sharnee xxxx